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A Peruvian sanitation worker “Standing” when he suddenly discovered a 900-year-old mummy with her mouth open

A Peruvian sanitation worker discovered a box on the street with a 915-year-old mummy inside.

In the early morning of April 16, Peruvian sanitation worker Otilio discovered a box in the middle of the road. When he opened it, he was surprised to find that it contained a dried body wrapped around with a burlap rope.

The mummy was wrapped around with cloth rope and kept in a box.

“ It looks like any ordinary box thrown on the street,” he said . But when I opened it, I almost died of a heart attack when I saw the skull gaping open and staring at me .”

Terrified, he immediately called the police because he suspected the body was related to a murder case.

The mummy seemed to be smiling, causing the cleaning staff to “pop back” in fear.

Upon arrival, the police realized that this was no ordinary body. They sent samples to archaeologists to examine. The results were unexpected. According to Mirror, this is an ancient body dating back about 915 years. Most likely, this mummy was stolen from the Chan Chan archaeological site, which was once the capital of the Chimú dynasty, which existed on the west coast of Peru in 1100 AD.

The mummy has now been transferred to Peru’s Cultural Service for further examination.