Ancient Giants Ruled the Earth Before Humanity Existed, Lived in the Deep Jungles of Amazon

by 29lab 26-05-2023

An old Ecuadorian legend says that deep in the jungles of the Amazon lies the ancient city of giants.

Many Amazonian tribes have passed on legends about the ancient giants who lived here and ruled the Earth before humanity existed.

Suddenly Discovered The “City Of Giants” In The Amazon Jungle In Ecuador

Many Amazonian tribes have passed on legends about the ancient giants who lived here and ruled the Earth before humanity existed.

It is thanks to such legends, combined with an old photograph of a strange structure that in 2012, a group of explorers traveled to the remote Amazon jungle in Ecuador to find Search for the “lost city of giants”.

The stones fit together perfectly

Fate pushed them to fall on a pile of megalithic stones on the bank of a small river. Stone slabs lay scattered in the forest and in the river like artefacts.

But these stone artifacts do not belong to any known civilization on Earth.

No archaeologist can say who built these rock structures and when.

The question that makes archaeologists wonder is how many centuries have these sites existed.

Many Amazonian tribes have passed on legends about the ancient giants who lived here and ruled the Earth before humanity existed.

In 2012, a group of researchers entered the Amazon forest to find ancient cities according to legend. Tribes often gather for rituals in these places.

Locals consider it a sacred place and pass on fanciful stories about the giants who built the ancient city out of stone.

Researcher Bruce Fenton said that no one has touched the remains of the “lost city” of the giant, giant tools have also been discovered in the vicinity.

A megalithic construction made up of stone blocks weighing up to a ton

This city consists of many megalithic stone structures. The building blocks used are very large, weighing up to a ton.

Not only that, but the researchers also discovered a large pyramid with the bottom 80m2 wide and 80m high.

The pyramid was built with hundreds of large stone slabs weighing 2 tons. At the top of the flat tower, there are dozens of artifacts.

“It’s like a paved wall, an ancient town, or a square forming a 60-degree angle – perhaps the roof of a larger pyramid. Many of the sharp-edged rocks are perfectly aligned seemingly due to being built by human hands,” said explorer Duverneui, who came here from April to May 2013.

The Ministry of Culture of Ecuador sent an expedition to find out and concluded that: “The rock protruding above is a natural process, nothing strange”.

But researcher Bruce Fenton and his colleagues disagree with this conclusion. They are still busy exploring and researching.

Researchers have found between the megaliths is a cohesive material such as cement, concrete or glassy material.

How did the ancients, with their rudimentary tools, carry such two-ton stone blocks to build these megalithic structures, if it weren’t for their enormous stature, even giant?

Indeed, scattered throughout the area, the expedition also found a few artifacts that are “oversized” labor tools.

Artifacts “oversized”

Among the large stone and ceramic artifacts discovered, some were “oversized”, much larger than normal. Take for example a giant hammerhead.

When attached to the hammer with the corresponding proportions, the original hammer must have been very large.

If there really was someone who could hold this hammer, that person would have to be enormous in size.

Giant skeleton discovered

In 1964, priest Carlos Miguel Vaca found a giant skeleton up to 7 meters long at a site in Ecuador.

The skeleton was later displayed at the museum bearing his name, “Museo del Padre Vaca”, alongside numerous artifacts discovered in the area. After his Ԁҽαth, this museum was looted, and the other skeleton was lost.

However, based on the original skeleton, Jungfrau Park in Switzerland has displayed a reconstructed model of the original skeleton.