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Archaeologists Just Discover A 8000-Years -Old Skull Impaled With A Big Pointy Spike

Archaeologists of United kingdom have uncovered a roman era mercenary buried with his sword and a mysterious beheaded Skelton .

A little-known time period is related to a group of northern European countries that includes Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, or to the people, languages, or culture of those countries prehistory has recently concede to some of the most exceptional human remains ever found a Big Pointy Spike . On top of a dense layer of stone placed at the bottom of a small lake were fragments of ten humans who lived around 6000 BC.

 Big Pointy Spike

This is quite impressive:

  • Mr Hallgrenon and his team member were first began the process of digging at the Kanaljorden site near the Motala Strom River in 2011.
  • Their team member has now uncovered 8,000-year-old cranium of nine adults and one infant which they believe were found purposely placed on a dumbly packed layer of huge stones.
  • At the same time four of the human skull were male, two were female, and two belonged to people between the ages of 20 and 35.
  • The investigators were also identify an skeleton of new born baby , whose tiny bones suggested they had been infant or had died after some days after the birth.