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Are dragons real? These Chinese villagers believe bizarre 60ft skeleton belongs to a mythical creature [VIDEO]

The 60ft long skeleton was found in Zhangjiakou City, in China’s northern Hebei Province.

Villagers in China have discovered a skeleton that measures at least 60ft and they believe that the bones are of a mythical dragon. The skeleton has a long spine, two little arms, and a large skull that looks like a cow skull.

The skeleton was found in Zhangjiakou City, in China’s northern Hebei Province and some of the residents believe that it is a perfect match of their legend beast. Traditional Chinese dragons did not have wings and they flew by swimming through the air, unlike the creatures shown in Western mythology. And the recently discovered structure has convinced several villagers that the skeleton could be a dragon.

However, some others claim that the skeleton might be “a movie prop made with cow or sheep bones and intentionally placed there.”

A video showing several villagers surrounding the skeleton and holding the horns has gone viral on social media garnering more than 10 million views. But several users have said that it is a hoax.

“Until it’s proven through the scientific method of identifying new species rather by a bunch of gullible villagers, this is obviously a fake! It’s just a bunch of bones of other animals, wood for the horns, red dye or bloodstained and glue. An artist could have done this easily. Carry on with science and facts,” one YouTube user said.

“Wow, I’ve played this video like ten times trying to get a better view! It’s either a very good hoax or it’s real. The only thing that concerns me is the ribs, curled ribs on side and flat ribs on the other but who am I to say what a dragons anatomy should look like?” another YouTube user said.

“Its fake probably a movie prop it was placed there if you notice the legs they are in a position that could only be placed.”

Meanwhile, authorities have examined the skeleton but they are yet to make any comment.