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Be Amazed At How The Face Of The Most Famous Egyptian King Has Been Recreated In Detail After 3,300 Years

The team from Brazil, Australia and Italy recently reconstructed the face of King Tutankhamun, the most famous Pharaoh in ancient Egyptian history.

Recreate the face of King Tutankhamun in ancient Egypt.

King Tutankhamun ascended the throne at the age of 9 and died at the age of 19. The king of Egypt died in 1323 BC, that is, 3,300 years ago. King Tutankhamun’s sudden and mysterious death is attributed to assassination.

The Tomb of King Tutankhamun was excavated in 1922 and is the most intact royal tomb to date from ancient Egypt. The discovery of the intact tomb caused a worldwide earthquake at that time. It has rekindled public interest in ancient Egypt. The golden mask of King Tutankhamun also became a symbol representing the wealth and power of the Egyptian Pharaohs. Today, the golden mask is on display at a museum in Cairo, Egypt.

Recently, a team from Brazil, Australia and Italy recently recreated the face of King Tutankhamun in detail. The image shows the Egyptian Pharaoh looking more like “a young student” than the king.

The most famous pharaoh of ancient Egypt died at the age of 19.

The team used a digital model of the pharaoh’s skull to reconstruct the face. The results showed that King Tutankhamun looked much younger than the age of 19 when he died 3,300 years ago.

“To me, King Tutankhamun looks like a young man with a delicate face,” said Brazilian graphics expert Cicero Moraes, a co-author of the study.

“We see him as more of a young student than a leader with great responsibility. This makes the historical figure all the more interesting.”

Realistic skull of Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun.

Because they did not have the right to directly analyze the pharaoh’s skull, the team faced many challenges when implementing the project.

The team had to use the measurements of the pharaoh’s skull in previous reports, combined with analysis of reference images.

“We gradually linked the data to create a three-dimensional skull model,” says researcher Moraes. From there, the researchers reconstructed the face of the Egyptian Pharaoh.

King Tutankhamun’s tomb was found intact in 1922.

This is not the first time scientists have tried to reconstruct the face of the young Pharaoh. A similar project was carried out in 2005. But this is the most detailed reconstruction of King Tutankhamun’s face ever.

Expert Moraes believes that he has created the most realistic Pharaoh face, which looks like a person in real life. “We compared the collected data, compared the faces of people who lived in this period,” Moraes said.

The new study by expert Moraes and colleagues was published in the Italian Journal of Anatomy and Embryology, according to the Daily Mail.