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Gold By Name And Stunningly Gold In Appearance This Bird Truly Shines, Embracing His Name To Perfection -Meet The Golden Tanager!

A black striped back is complemented by a blazing gold body on a bird whose color perfectly embraces his name.


Photo Courtesy of Félix Uribe / CC BY 2.0

The golden tanager (Tangara arthus) is a species of bird in the Thraupidae family. The back of the Golden Tanager is lined with black and gold streaks. The rest of his body is a blaze of gold with black ear patches on each side of his head, as well as a splash of chestnut on the throat and upper breast area.

Photo Courtesy of Mike’s Birds/CC BY 2.0

Both sexes are very similar, though juveniles are a more dull color.

This species is endemic to and occurs naturally in north-western South America.

Photo Courtesy of Félix Uribe / CC BY 2.0

It is quite common in the highland forests of the Andes, from Bolivia, and northwards along the Venezuelan coast.

Photo Courtesy of Bettina Arrigoni/CC BY 2.0

Golden Tanager prefers the montane forests on the eastern slopes of the Andes at altitudes between 600 – 2200 m.

Photo Courtesy of Félix Uribe / CC BY 2.0

In its habitat, Golden Tanager forages in the canopy of humid forests looking for fruit and any unlucky insects it may come across. When attracted to gardens by artificial feeders, they can be seen eating papayas, ripe green bananas, and mangoes

Photo Courtesy of Félix Uribe / CC BY 2.0

During the breeding season, a cup-shaped nest is built by the female using twigs, leaves, and any other suitable plant material she may find. Up to two eggs are laid within, which when hatched, are also fed by young birds from the first clutch, who assist the parents with feeding. One of the few tanagers for which cooperative breeding has been documented.

Photo Courtesy of Félix Uribe / CC BY 2.0