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Discover Mummies Of Fairies, Werewolves, Even Aliens?

Recently, historians have discovered previously unknown relics. If these specimens are real, then surely these are living creatures that will amaze us.

At the time of clearing the land for the construction of a new residential area, builders distributed thousands of sealed wooden boxes in the basement of the old mansion of Thomas Theodore Merrylin, a wealthy aristocrat specializing in collectors. Biology of the 1800s of the 19th century.

Opening those boxes, all the builders were amazed to find inside were mummies of “divine” creatures that seemed to only appear in fairy tales.

The artifacts here are still a mystery that challenges the understanding of scientists. Maybe this is not a story about mystical matters, because Merrylin is known to be a scientist. He put experimental evidence and rational thinking in his experimental specimen boxes.

The collection’s curator, Alex CF, announced the “shocking” find on social media.

Winged skeletons found in the ancient mansion are believed to belong to fairies, werewolves and even aliens.

Other interesting items found: