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Excavating the 600-year-old body that has not decomposed, the archaeologist is horrified with the secret hidden inside the coffin

Chinese archaeologists were surprised to discover an intact man’s body in a tomb dating back to the Yuan Dynasty.

Illustration of a wooden coffin. Photo: Sohu.

There are many types of bacteria around the environment. When a person is alive and well, the immune system protects the body from foreign agents. When people die, bacteria combine with favorable factors such as air and humidity to cause the dead body to gradually decompose, until only the skeleton remains.

According to ancient Chinese beliefs , death is not the end, but the beginning of a new life. To help the dead get to the afterlife, the ancients learned about ways to help slow or prevent a corpse from decaying.

The Chinese website Sohu recently published a startling archaeological find from about 40 years ago. In the 1980s, villagers in Hunan, China were growing vegetables in their fields when they dug up an ancient tomb.

After news of the new discovery spread, a team of archaeologists arrived in the area to study.

Digging deeper into the tomb, archaeologists discovered that there were two human bodies buried together. One was completely decomposed leaving only bones, the other was still quite intact as if it had just passed away.

This surprised Chinese archaeologists. They took the body to the laboratory for study and analysis.

Artifacts were found inside the ancient tomb.

The results showed that the two bodies buried together were a couple, living in the Yuan Dynasty, about 600 years ago.

The reason why the husband’s body is still relatively intact is because the ancients injected a large amount of heavy metal into the body, helping to prevent decomposition.

Archaeologists conclude that this is another method of the ancients to prevent decomposition, allowing the dead to enter the afterlife.

In the past, Chinese researchers have discovered various methods to ensure the integrity of the body, including using disinfectants or cooling by soaking under ice, preventing bacteria from being active, according to the report.