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Giant Human remains keep appearing in the Philippines Archaeologists are working very hard to find

There is an on-going viral video circulating around various social medias regarding about “giant human skeletons” excavated in Davao Oriental, Philippines. It was a very shocking discovery that proves the existence of giant humans in the ancient period of time.

As a treasure hunter, most human skeletons that we encountered belong to an ordinary human race just like us. They were either the remains of civilians or soldiers in past. And in terms of Japanese or Yamashita hidden treasures, we consider them as an important sign.

Japanese Treasures Discovered in Davao City

The City of Davao, Philippines is indeed filled with several hidden Japanese treasure deposits. This is the main reason why there are numerous treasure hunters visiting the place.

Based on my research and investigation, I found out that back in 1960, somebody was able to recover a large volume of treasure deposit in Davao by “accident”. The deposit were even claimed to have much bigger value as compared to the findings of Rogelio Roxas in Baguio City. Rumors claims that the deposit consisted of gold bars, golden Buddha statues, diamonds, gold coins and many other precious gems.

The person who discovered the treasure was an engineer supervising the construction of the national highway. On the process, she unexpectedly noticed an opening into a secret Japanese hidden tunnel. According to her, they estimated that the tunnel has an incredible length comparable to the distance from the Philippine Eagle Center to Samal Island or up to the Mount Apo.

Today, the old Japanese tunnel has been well preserved and maintained the reason why it is one of the major tourist attraction of Davao City.

The Mystery of the Giant Human Skeletons

There are only few reliable sources of information today regarding about the real existence of giant humans in the past. One of the oldest book that mentions about these beings is the Holy Bible where they were referred as the “Nephilim”.

In the United States, there are already countless numbers of giant human skeletons that has been found. And basing from their Archaeological Institutional researches, there are traces of evidences that they were highly developed civilization. These proofs includes the complex use of metal alloys due to the tools recovered from where giant human skeleton remains are frequently found.

Speaking about “highly developed civilization”, they accomplished greater heights of discoveries as compared to early human civilization. They may be the one responsible in building those ancient structures such as the Gobekli Tepe of Turkey, Olmec heads, Moai of the Easter Island and etc… All these ancient structures still puzzles the mind of the brilliant scientists today on how they were built.

Moreover, the giant human skeleton found in Davao Philippines measures 17 feet (5.2 meters) tall. According to the archaeologists who examined the bones, it is very similar to another giant bones found in South Eastern China. Other than that, the remains are dated back for about 300,000 years old.