Majestic and Mighty: The Astonishing 27-Foot-Tall ‘Giant Footprint of God’ Unearthed in Mpuluzi, South Africa (Video)

by 29lab 26-05-2023

One of the most famous Giant Footprints was found outside Mpuluzi, South Africa.

It was found 100 years ago by a hunter, and locals named it “the footprint of God.”

The print is 1.2 metres long, and if rest of the body was sized in proportion to the foot, the giant that made it would stand between 24–27 ft tall, like in Ecuador (see above).

The footprint is in granite (one of the hardest rocks on Earth) and there are no chisel marks around it, meaning that whatever made the print must’ve stepped in the rock while it was still molten.

It is estimated that the print could be anywhere from 200 million — 3 billion years old.

If the correct age is at the upper end of this scale, the print was made when supposedly the only life on Earth was microbial life. But even at the lower end of the scale, it could not have been made by any human ancestor we know of.

Around the world, there have been similar footprints found embedded in age-old rock.

In San Hose, a 2.5 metre footprint was found near a local ranch (whatever made it would have towered over even the giant from Mpuluzi); in the same city, another 1.5 metre footprint was found on a cliff.

Michael Tellinger with the massive footprint in the rock in Africa (Youtube screenshot)

In August, 2016, in Guizhou, China, a series of footprints was discovered, with each print nearly 2 feet long, and indented nearly 3cm into solid rock. Scientists have calculated that whatever made the prints would have to be over 13 feet tall.

In 1912, a 4 foot long print was unearthed in South Africa, that was dated at over 200 million years old. Whatever humanoid made the print would have to have been over 27 feet tall.