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Video Viral: Many People Fled In Panic After Discovering A Strange Creature With A Human-like Face Found In Assam

Nature since ages and centuries has been bestowing the mankind with miracles. These marvels of nature can be as weird as amazing. From the breathtakingly beautiful northern lights to the recently found spider with a human face, nature has everything and anything big or small, creepy or pleasant in store for us.

The video of a rare spider with human-like face found in Assam is going viral on the internet. It was first shared by Indian Blooms.

Earlier many such incidences of a human face appearing on a potato, a stone slab or clouds have hit headlines. But a spider with features like that of man’s face is happening for the first time. The spider was found in the house of Vipul Balari in Koliya region of Assam. The lower body of the spider resembles a human face with features eyes, nose and lips being evident. No doubt, locals over there have named it ‘Spiderman’!

The news of the real-life Spiderman spread like a wildfire and people from nearby villages started visiting Vipul’s house to catch a glimpse of the animal wonder.

The crawling spider looks exactly like a little crawling human face on the ground that will surely creep you out. Though there’s no scientific interference happening to know the species of this human-like spider by far. People believe that it might be just a rare-off species in existence.

Have you ever spotted any such weird wonders of mother nature? Do tell us in the comments below.