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China Ask Help Russiα: Large numbers US & Japan F-35s destroying Chinese Forces in Indo-Pacific

How Japan and the U.S. Will Fight Above the Pacific

The United States has now forward-positioned F-35s for training exercises at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni in Japan.

Japan’s massive F-35 stealth fighter acquisition is a development of enormous consequence when it comes to deterring China or destroying any kind of fast-evolving People’s Liberation Army Navy αttαck in the Indo-Pacific.

The large Japanese purchase, put in place last year, will put large numbers of F-35Bs and F-35As within striking range of waters near Taiwan.

These aircraft, particularly when combined with or networked to forward-positioned U.S. F-35s launching from amphibious vessels or carriers, could mass a powerful fifth-generation force in the event of an allied response to a Chinese αttαck.

Indeed fifth-generation aircraft may be the best deterrent when it comes to China, given that F-35s from any country are engineered to quickly integrate with F-35s from other militaries in a seamless, secure, and interoperable way through the aircraft’s Multifunction Advanced Data Link (MADL).

Large numbers of available Japanese F-35s, therefore, could instantly operate as though they were part of an American force. – Much of the planned ACE collaborative training includes a multi-domain focus, as the Air Force’s F-35As will be operating alongside U.S.

Marine Corps ship-based F-35B fighters. “While here, the 354th AEW will integrate with U.S. Marine Corps F-35B Lightning IIs assigned to III Marine Expeditionary Force to strengthen partnerships and enhance joint capabilities,” the Indo-Pacific Command announcement said.

This kind of air-surface synergy would be of extreme value in any military engagement in the Pacific.

While an America-class amphibious assault ship can operate as many as thirteen F-35Bs, the ability to reinforce a maritime presence of fifth-generation platforms with land-launched F-35s would be a combat multiplier for both U.S. and Japanese forces.

Using the F-35’s advanced Multifunction Advanced Data Link, Japanese and American air and surface fighters could coordinate missions, share data in real time, and take advantage of unprecedented αttαck interoperability.