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Moment Russiαn tank tracked and obliterated filmed in horrific drone footage – VIDEO INSIDE

THE Ukrαiniαn 14th Separate Mechanized Brigade tracked and blew up a Russiαn tank close to the frontlines of the battlefield.

The footage from a drone shows Ukrαine’s military forces targeting and tracking a roaming Russiαn war tank.

The drone images show Ukrαiniαn forces stalking the Russiαn tank before hitting it with heavy artillery to make it stop in its tracks.

Towards the end of the clip, you can see the tank burning under a thick cloud of smoke.

Russiαn forces have been piling into Ukrαine in order to take control of the country for over four months, and no resolution to the war is in sight.

The video shows a Russiαn drone following a lone rogue Russiαn tank being tracked by Ukrαine’s military forces.

The tank begins to speed up with smoke billowing out of the back of the vehicle, from all angles.

The tank appears to stop in the middle of a Ukrαiniαn field, and the smoke begins to get thicker and darker as it plumes into the sky.

Towards the end of the clip, you can see hues of orange flames spiking out of the tank.

The Russiαn militants in the tank did not escape, but no casualties have been announced by Russiαn officials.

Ukrαiniαn forces obliterate Russiαn tank (Image: @BlueSauron)

Russiαn tank crushed by heavy artillery in Ukrαine (Image: @BlueSauron)

Users on social media have been reacting to the video footage.

One Twitter user @Esomoleke said: “The Separate Mechanised Brigades are causing havoc and nightmares to the imperialist’s orcs. Haven’t heard or seen anything from the Mountaineers lately. That was my favourite unit 2/3 months back!”

@JJanegle said: “Why not include the kiII shot?”

@Ausleopolis added: “I was hoping to see the whole cooking process.”

@DaugBauch said: “Orcs out cruising and got a bruising!”

@SubjectNo1 said: “Note the railroad tracks after the turn and the pattern of trees to the right. Must have been hit just after that corner.”

@Bigtoe169 said: “Did the orcs go up with it, God I hope so.”

@Esomolekae said: “I like that unit with passion- their name sounds different.”

@Namvilas said: “Why share tactics..”

Ukrαiniαn forces destroy Russiαn tank (Image: @BlueSauron)

The Ukrαiniαn forces have been pushing back on the ongoing Russiαn onslaught.

They have been gifted weapons from NATO-aligned countries in order to fight back.

The Ministry of Defence has been keeping up to date with Ukrαine’s successes.

A new MoD report read: “Ukrαiniαn forces have claimed their first successful use of Western-donated Harpoon anti-ship missiles to engage Russiαn maritime forces.

“The target of the αttαck was almost certainly the Russiαn naval tug Spasatel Vasily Bekh, which was delivering weapons and personnel to Snake Island in the north-western Black Sea.”