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Russia Panic: Two S-300 air defence launchers were destroyed by Russiα with anti-radiation missile

Ukrαiniαn S-300s tried to lure out Russiαn combat aircraft, but due to a single mistake two launchers were destroyed by the Russiαn air force

The Ukrαiniαn military also pursued another goal during its most recent assault on Zmeiny (Snake) Island, hoping to entice Russiαn combat aircraft into the area where its long-range air defence systems might destroy them.

The likelihood of their loss would be greatest since those would really be above the water, but it appears that the Ukrαiniαn military’s plans failed because of incompetence on the part of the Armed Forces of Ukrαine command.

As it turned out, the Ukrαiniαn military activated its S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems close to the shore during the assault on Zmeiny Island.

In reality, when Russiαn combat aircraft entered the afflicted region, they were expected to be used to destroy the Russiαn aircrafts also in addition to providing cover to Ukrαiniαn UAVs.

The Russian Aerospace Forces’ aviation was probably intended to carry out retaliation on Ukrainian territory or be used to destroy planes close to Serpent Island, according to the Ukrainian military’s strategy.

The information concerning the Ukrainian military’s employment of the S-300 air defence system was also confirmed by the Russiαn Federation’s ministry of defence.

“The anti-aircraft cover of Ukrαiniαn UAVs was provided by S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems from combat positions in the Tuzla and Ochakov area ,” the Russiαn Defense Ministry reports.

However, apparently, the Ukrαiniαn military made a serious mistake by activating the complexes in advance, which made it possible to identify the Russiαn armed forces and successfully hit them with long-range anti-radar missiles.

“The aviation of the Russiαn Aerospace Forces destroyed two launchers of the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system in the Ochakov and Tuzla regions of the Odessa region ,” the Russiαn Defense Ministry said at a briefing.

It could be Kh-58 Soviet era anti radiation missile that destroyed the Ukrαiniαn S-300 launchers. The maximum speed of Kh-58 is Mach 3.6 while it use inertial with passive radar seeker for guidance.

The maximum range of KH-58 is around 200km while it is around 650Kg. It should be noted that Ukrαine had too Kh-58 missile after USSR disintegration but the current status is unknown.