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Archaeologists Couldn’t Believe When They Found These Hands Made Of Gold From A Lost Civilization!

In the fall of 2017, amateur archaeologists discovered a strange item in a field near the village of Prêles in Switzerland. At a depth of 60 centimeters, through the dirt that stuck to an unknown object, gold was shining through.

In the photo: The village of Prêles and its 874 inhabitants became famous worldwide thanks to a 3500-year-old artifact.

After the primary clearance, the researchers realized that they had discovered a very valuable item. It turned out to be a bronze hand with a golden frame.

In the photo: Sarah Chiha was only 13 years old when she and her stepfather discovered an ancient treasure.

Archeologists Massimo Bech and Sarah Chiha continued to explore the area and handed over the discovered artifacts to specialists of the local archaeological service.

Archaeologists are stunned. Research continues

“We were amazed. We have not seen anything even closely resembling such strange archaeological discoveries,” archaeologists of the Swiss canton of Bern noted.

In the photo: The length of the dagger is 24 centimeters. The weight of the hand is nearly 500 grams, the size is slightly less than a human hand.

Laboratory specialists conducted studies of organic glue, which sealed gold and bronze parts. The resin, based on which the glue was made, turned out to be way older than all the famous antique metal sculptures discovered in Europe, its age ranges between 3400 and 3500 years.

Archaeologists decided to explore the territory more thoroughly, but the winter weather and the snow stopped them. In the spring of the following year, after carefully-prepared professional research, a human grave was found near the place where the gold was discovered.

The skeleton was lying on a stone pedestal. Next to him, archaeologists discovered a fourth bronze finger, a spiral that served as a hairpin, a buckle for clothing and small pieces of gold from a previously discovered hand.

In the photo: archaeologists conducted additional excavations for more than seven weeks.

Mystery of the golden hand

The purpose of the strange object remains a mystery. Historians suggest that the hand could serve as a:

  • pommel of a scepter or flag;
  • part of ritual sculpture;
  • prosthesis.

In any case, it was attached to something big, as evidenced by a hole inside the ancient artifact.

The golden frame of the hand indicates that it was a special object and could personify power of a high priest or the ruler.

It is possible that the secret of the golden hand will be uncovered by the police. Swiss law enforcement officers are looking for “illegal” diggers, who reached the grave of the Bronze Age before archaeologists. Massimo and Sarah said that they have nothing to do with the illegal excavations

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