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Close-up Messi was dеstroyed causes Neymar to react vιolently to Mbappe’s friend

Messi has just recovered from injury but suffered a dangerous tackle from Benjamin Pavard in the match between PSG and Bayern

In the last minutes of the PSG vs Bayern match, Lionel Messi escaped into the void and had the opportunity to face Sommer. Benjamin Pavard was absorbed in the ball situation and forgot about the Argentine star

Minutes 90+2, Lionel Messi broke through on the right. Realizing the dɑnger, Benjamin Pavard made a fierce challenge even though he had received a yellow card before that.

The tackle can cause the opponent to suffer a serious injury from the Bayern defender.

The ball made Pavard immediately receive a red card from the referee

After witnessing his close friend being rudely fouled, Neymar expressed his displeasure. The Brazilian striker came forward to criticize Pavard. The French player just quietly left the field to boos from all over the Parc des Princes stadium.

Neymar criticizes opponent for dɑngerous tackle

Fortunately, Messi was not injured after the foul situation. And Pavard will miss the second leg due to a red card.

In the match against Bayern, Messi had just returned from injury but had a trying performance. He actively dropped deep to support midfield and had a good chance in the second half but the shot hit Pavard, going wide.

Messi has just recovered from an injury

PSG had twice the ball into the net of Bayern in the second half, both by Kylian Mbappe, but the goal was disallowed for offside.

In the second leg away from home on March 9, PSG need to beɑt Bayern by 2 goals or more to avoid being eliminated in the round of 16 of the Champions League for the second consecutive season.

Mbappe believes that PSG will ‘turn upstream’ against Bayern

Striker Kylian Mbappe thinks that PSG is capable of going upstream on the opponent’s field in the second leg after losing the first leg 0-1.

“We are aware that PSG are at a disadvantage after this loss. But I believe the team has the ability to overcome difficulties. To do that, the players need to be in the best shape for the second leg away from home, thereby winning the championship. tickets go on,” Mbappe told Canal +.

Mbappe was denied a goal by VAR

Due to injury, Mbappe was considered unlikely to play when PSG took on Bayern in the first leg of the 1/8 Champions League round. However, the French striker was introduced in the 57th minute, replacing Carlos Soler. In the 82nd minute, Mbappe put the ball into the net of goalkeeper Yann Sommer but was denied by VAR due to offside.

When asked about his return earlier than expected, Mbappe said that this was also beyond his expectations. The 24-year-old striker affirmed that he really wants to support his teammates, but his current condition is not enough for him to play the full 90 minutes.

Mbappe entered the field when PSG conceded a goal

“Above all, we need the players to be in the best shape, need them to eat well, sleep well. Only then will the whole team be ready for the second leg, when we have to ɑttack to find a goal. Regarding the denied goal, I think football is now modern, if offside there will be VAR intervention I don’t think much of it PSG need to stay optimistic because we still have the ability to turn the situation around. “Mbappé said.

Just like the Champions League final 2019-2020, Kingsley Coman scored the only goal, helping Bayern beɑt PSG 1-0 at Parc des Princes. Mbappe and his teammates must win the second leg at the Allianz Arena on March 9.