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Close-up of the 24K gold-plated iPhone 14 Messi gave his teammates made fans admire

Every iPhone 14 Pro Messi hands out to his teammates is plated in 24k gold and engraved with the player’s name, the player’s shirt number, and the Argentina team insignia.

Messi placed an order with a manufacturing unit for 35 gold-plated iPhone 14s so that he could deliver them as gifts to teammates and staff members on the Argentina team. This is a gift of exceptional value, and it has been produced with great care.

This is the iPhone 14 Pro model that was released by Apple in September 2022, as can be determined by the form and size of the various details on the device. The back of the device, which also serves as the device’s frame, has a coating of 24K gold plating applied to it.

On the reverse of the item is a stamp with the player’s name, the number of the player’s shirt, and the name of the person who received the present from Messi. In the middle is the emblem of “La Albiceleste,” which has three stars superimposed on it to represent the three world titles that the team has won.

It is not possible to plate the glass on the iPhone 14 Pro with gold like it is on previous models. Hence, in order to apply the gold layer, the artisan needs to remove this component, then have the CNC make a new metal back. During this process, stamping pieces are additionally generated.

The iPhone will no longer have the capability of wireless charging once it has been gold plated. At the same time, the ability to resist water and filth may no longer be since the machine is removed and reinstalled so frequently, which creates an opening through which liquids can enter the machine. It is also possible that reception and broadcasting will be hampered, but to a lesser extent.

Ole claims that Messi shelled out approximately 210,000 USD to ᴘᴜʀᴄʜᴀsᴇ the 35 gold-plated iPhones that were discussed earlier. Apple’s original hardware retails for approximately $1,000 per unit when ᴘᴜʀᴄʜᴀsᴇd from the company’s online store. This model has a manufacturing cost of approximately 5,000 USD per product, which includes the cost of gold plating. According to the comments made by Quang Minh, this is the standard price range for a gold-plated iPhone.

Ole disclosed the information that on February 25 a package containing the above phone number was sent to Messi’s flat in Paris (France). In order to commemorate Argentina’s victory in the FIFA The Best 2023 tournament, he intends to present his teammates and the coaching staff with presents. The striker who was born in 1987 just won the FIFA Noble Personal Award, which was presented on February 28 in Paris as well.

iDesign Gold is the department that is in charge of seeing to it that all of Messi’s requests are met. Our company maintains strong connections with a large number of well-known players who are active in Europe. They used to create gold-plated iPhones and AirPods for people like Neymar, Hakim Ziyech, Theo Hernaldez, and Darwin Nunez.