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Cristiano Ronaldo naps five times a day and it’s one of the biggest reasons behind his success

Featured Image Credit: Cristiano Ronaldo/Instagram

Cristiano Ronaldo takes up to FIVE naps a day and sleeps in a fetal position to stay in immaculate shape.

The 38-year-old is still at the top of his game as he continues to score goals in Saudi Arabia with Al Nassr.

He’s allowed himself to remain a professional at this stage of his storied career due to his sleep routine.

Ronaldo reportedly prefers to take short naps of an hour-and-a-half each time throughout the day and sleeps in a fetal position as he’s obsessed with marginal gains when it comes to performance.

Cristiano Ronaldo in action for Real Madrid. Image: PA

The former Manchester United and Real Madrid superstar would normally relax with his friends after dinner before going for a swim session at 10pm.

He then takes one of his naps until midnight, then another short burst of sleep around 3am before waking up for the day.

Sleep expert Nick Littlehales, who worked with Ronaldo during his time in Spain, broke down how he gets his forty winks in an interview with The Independent.

“Anyone who has ever worked with Ronaldo knows that if you have a discussion in the corner of the room, he will come over and ask what you are talking about,” he explained.

“I was invited to Real Madrid when Carlo Ancelotti became manager [in 2013]. I was standing on the edge of the training pitch, talking to the Madrid staff, when Ronaldo ran over.”

Littlehales added: “He had been training all day and you would have expected him to run straight to the dressing room for a shower, but he asked what we were discussing.

“He was interested in what I was trying to do because as an athlete he has always invested in himself.

“From what I have learned from working with him, Ronaldo is not interested in fad diets, he is not interested in copying others. The only thing he is concerned with is: does it work for him?”