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U𝚗believable’ – Why does Messi have his own section in the museum of Bayern Munich?

Even though Lionel Messi is not recognized to be a club legend at Bayern Munich, the museum that is housed at the Allianz Arena nevertheless exhibits the shirt that he wore while playing for the club in a glass display case.

This is the case even though the museum is located at the Allianz Arena. Despite the fact that the museum is housed within the Allianz Arena, this is still the situation.

Fans of Bayern Munich who went to the club’s museum at the Allianz Arena were shocked to see a shirt that belongs to Lionel Messi displayed in a glass case next to the Golden Ball and the renowned golden shoe that belonged to Gerd Mueller. The discovery left the fans of Bayern Munich speechless. The nickname “Bomber King” was bestowed upon him during his time spent playing for the Bavarian national football team.

Legendary Gerd Muller and the shirt given to him by Messi.

There is one piece in the museum that has nothing at all to do with Bayern Munich, and that is Messi’s jersey. Yet, there is a tale that can be told about how the jersey came to be in the museum in the first place.

In 2013, Lionel Messi presented the legendary Gerd Muller with the shirt that he had worn while playing for Bayern Munich throughout his whole career. Ahead of that time, he had already shattered the record that had been held by the “King of Bombs” for the most points scored in a single calendar year by a single player. This record related to the most total points earned in a single year by a single player. At the end of 1972, the legendary German forward concluded the year with 85 goals scored. However, Messi surpassed Mueller’s record in 2012 by scoring 91 goals, which enabled him to gain ownership of the record. Mueller had previously held the record for most goals scored by a single player. This opened the door for Messi to become the all-time leader in goals scored.

Messi’s shirt is in a glass case in the Bayern Munich museum, next to the Golden Ball and Gerd Mueller’s Golden Boot.

As soon as Messi broke Mueller’s record, he presented him with a signed shirt that he had worn in the past and that Mueller had given to him. The shirt had Messi’s name on it and had been given to him by Mueller. Lionel Messi not only signed the shirt that was intended to be a present for Gerd Mueller, but he also put the message “For Gerd Mueller, whom I truly love and admire.” at the back of the garment. Mueller was also seen in public wearing the garment at one time.

Gerd Mueller was glad to get the shirt and expressed his joy by saying, “I am happy and honored to obtain such a present from the finest player in the world.” When the shirt was given to Gerd Mueller, he was pleased with it. Michael Jordan was the subject of Gerd Mueller’s comments.

Messi’s jersey hangs in a museum at the Vatican.

In addition, Mueller added that the shirt will be displayed in the museum of Bayern Munich so that any and all supporters of the club will have the opportunity to see it. And at that very time, Messi’s shirt was placed inside the glass case next to the two illustrious medals that he had amassed, which were the Golden Shoe and the Golden Ball, respectively.

It’s so luxurious! The only item in the Allianz Arena that has nothing to do with Bayern Munich. And this is what Messi can create!

It wasn’t too long ago that a photo of Messi wearing a Bayern Munich shirt in the team’s showroom made its way onto social networks, and it has piqued the interest of a lot of fans from all over the world. The photo was taken by Messi. In point of fact, Messi has a jersey that is displayed in the museum at San Siro, in addition to another piece of clothing that was given to Pope Francis. Both of these pieces of clothing were donated by Messi. Messi wore both of these items during his career (it now hangs in the museum at the Vatican).