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Exclusive: 10+ touching meanings behind art museum on Messi’s skin

Lionel Messi is virtually indistinguishable from a living museum due to the extensive amount of body art that he has. There are roughly 20 tattoos cut into the body, but only five of them have unique value. One of these tattoos is even being considered as the insignia of the World Cup champion in 2022.

1. The tattoo with the number 10

The tattoo density on Messi’s left foot is fairly high, which helps it perform its magic. A sᴡᴏʀᴅ, angel wings, and a crimson rose were all tattooed on the Argentine star in this location at one point in time. Nevertheless, all of them have been replaced by a collection of tattoos that are more captivating and significant. Specifically, that is the image of the hand and the name of Thiago, who is the first son of the player for PSG. In example, the number 10 tattoo, which corresponds to Messi’s well-known shirt number, takes up the most of the space on Messi’s left calf.

“Messi’s life has been shaped in significant ways by the number 10. According to comments made by Messi’s pals, which were published in the Clarin newspaper, “it is not just a pure number, it has become a symbol when it comes to him.” Alongside the number 10, Messi has a tattoo of a soccer ball, which is claimed to represent his dedication to the sport of soccer, often known as “the sport of Kings.”

2. Antonela Roccuzzo’s Eyes

When Lionel Messi was still playing for Newell’s Old Boys, his childhood buddy Antonela Roccuzzo introduced the two of them to one another. This was before Messi made the move to Barcelona in Spain. Antonela is more than just a wife to Messi; she is also a companion who goes through all of life’s ups and downs with him.

Antonela and Messi’s mother are, according to Messi himself, the two most important ladies in his life, followed closely by Antonela. In addition to this, the reason why Messi has an eye tattoo of his wife on his right arm is because of this. This work requires a significant amount of time and is seen as a representation of Messi and his wife beautiful’s commitment to one another over the long haul.

3. A tattoo of a clock with gears

It is not hard to observe that Messi’s right arm sleeve is covered with tattoos of clocks and a sequence of gears. These tattoos can be found on the outside of his arm. At first, a lot of people had the incorrect assumption that Messi got such a tattoo to symbolize his enthusiasm for pricey games. However, this was quickly disproved. In point of fact, Messi currently owns a vast copper collection, which the other players crave due to the fact that it is both one-of-a-kind and extremely expensive.

However, it turned out that a large number of people had the wrong idea about what the meaning of this tattoo was. Research indicates that Messi places a high value on time, and it is clear that he makes the most of each and every one of life’s opportunities. This is the message that Messi conveys about the importance of valuing the time that one has in life. Also worthy of mention is the fact that the artwork of the clockwork and gears takes up the majority of Messi’s arm.

4. a tattoo of a crown

A crown is one of the less obvious tattoos that Messi has all over his body, and it can even be found on his elbow. Because it depicts his wife Antonela Roccuzzo’s crown, this rather small tattoo carries a great deal of significance, despite its unassuming appearance.

“It’s a tattoo that symbolizes the love that Messi and Antonela share for one another. In addition to this, it demonstrates that they are constantly looking for each other, as Messi’s pals have stated, “It was Messi who came up with this idea and worked with Antonela.”

5. Antonela’s Lip Tattoo

The tattoo that Messi got for his wife doesn’t end at the eyes or the crown. It goes much beyond. Messi also tattooed Antonela’s lips. Even when Messi is not wearing a shirt, the red lips tattoo on his upper lip is difficult to spot because of his position near “the penalty area.” This is true even when Messi is exposing his chest.

“Antonela is incredibly important to Messi in all facets of his life,” Messi has been quoted as saying. A tattooist who works for Messi claimed that the soccer player always directs his thoughts and actions toward Antonela. “That’s why Messi wanted to tattoo Antonela’s lips with the message of passionate adoration,” the tattooist said. It is clear from this that Messi gives careful consideration to each of his tattoos, and that each one has a personal significance for him.