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‘Dream Chaser’ – Decoding 46 Neymar’s immortal tattoo collection

The meaning of 46 tattoos of Neymar – the most expensive player in the world

Neymar Jr is currently the most expensive player in the world, he is also one of the football players with the most tattoos in the world, currently this striker has about 46 tattoos on his body, along with Find out the meaning  of Neymar’s tattoo with the article below.

The meaning of Neymar’s 46 tattoos

1.  The word “Love” tattoo

2.  Lion tattoo on left hand

3.  Mother tattoo

4.  Poem tattoo on right chest

5.  Little sister tattoo on right shoulder

6.  The word “Blessed” tattoo

7.  “Never ending love” tattoo

8.  Roman numeral tattoo under right ear

9.  Cross tattoo on the back of the neck

10.  Birds tattoo and the words “Tudo passa”

11.  “Dream Chaser” Tattoo

12.  Tattoo with the words “Sorella” and diamond  . ( Sportswear )

13.  Boy’s name and birthday tattoo

14.  Tattoo on the ankle

15.  Tiger tattoo on left hand