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God’s Stone Hand: The viral VIDEO of ‘Two Giant Hands of God’ appearing in Vietnam surprised many people

Ba Na Hill Golden Bridge – a unique architectural work with an impressive shape, built in the tourist area of Ba Na Hill mountain in Da Nang,., Vietnam has made a strong impression and attracted the attention of many people. residents as well as domestic and foreign tourists.

With a length of more than 140m, the Golden Bridge was built on an altitude of about 1,400m above sea level and is linked with the surrounding mountains by sparkling glass pillars, creating a rainbow image on the sky. space.

In particular, the two sides of the bridge are covered with cool green trees,., creating a wild but beautiful picture of nature.

Ba Na Hill Golden Bridge is one of the most beautiful architectural works in Southeast Asia and was voted by many leading travel magazines in the world as one of the most famous tourist destinations in Vietnam.

Not only an impressive architectural work,., the Golden Bridge also has special cultural and spiritual significance for the people here.

Accordingly, the Golden Bridge is considered as a link between the material world and the spiritual world, a place that connects humans and nature.

However, the Golden Bridge also faces many challenges in preserving and maintaining this structure, especially in the context of strong tourism growth in Vietnam.

Therefore, resort managers and local communities need to come up with solutions to protect and preserve the Golden Bridge to ensure that this work remains well received and loved for many years to come.