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Gold-plated iPhone – Messi makes the Argentina team members touched with a noble gesture

The talented footballer from Paris Saint-Germain who competed for Argentina on the side that went on to win the World Cup in 2022 was gracious enough to provide a gift to the other members of the team after Argentina’s victory. The success that Argentina had was largely attributable to the efforts that this team put up.

The price of the gold-plated iPhones with a 24 carat finish came to a total of 210 thousand dollars, which Lionel Messi paid. After that, he gave one to each member of Argentina’s victorious team, as well as to the support staff that accompanied “La Albiceleste” to Qatar. An inscription with the player’s name, the number that is featured on the player’s shirt, and the flag of Argentina is printed on the back of each phone.

Ole has ʀᴇᴠᴇᴀʟᴇᴅ the information that on February 25, a package was delivered to Messi’s apartment in Paris that had the phone number that is shown above. This information was found in the package. In light of the fact that a delivery service was responsible for delivering the box, Ole has come forward with this information (France).

Leo is getting ready to celebrate Argentina’s triumph in the competition for FIFA The Best 2023 by giving his colleagues and the coaching staff some gifts, and he is currently in the process of making the necessary preparations. Recently, the striker who was born in 1987 and who was presented with the award for the very first time went to Paris to attend the event for the FIFA Noble Personal Award, which took place on the same day, February 28, and was also held in Paris. Both of these events took place in Paris.

Ben Lyons, the individual who reportedly supported Messi in the process of obtaining the phone, has offered the following information to us: “After the completion of the World Cup in the year 2022, which was held at that time, Leo got in touch with us a few months later. He came up with the brilliant plan to give a one-of-a-kind present to each and every participant in the event that they were attending. and the Argentine staff to celebrate their victory, but he made a very clear request that the customary present of a watch not be presented to him as a token of appreciation. As a result of this, I proposed that we give them gold-plated iPhones that had their initials etched into them, and he thought that this was a good proposal to follow through with.”

Messi is not the only player who has ever offered a phone to a teammate or a member of the coaching staff while playing for either his club or his country. Messi did this while playing for Argentina, but other players have done it as well. Although Messi did it while playing for Argentina, other players have also been known to do it in the past. In spite of the fact that Messi did it while playing for Argentina, it has been known to happen in the past with other players as well.

In 2017, it was ʀᴇᴠᴇᴀʟᴇᴅ by a former player for Kaka that Cristiano Ronaldo had in the past obtained 15 iPhones with the goal of giving them away to personnel working at Real Madrid. The disclosure came from the player’s former team, Kaka. The athlete came forward with the information that Ronaldo had engaged in such behavior, which led to the disclosure. The iPhones were intended to be a gift from the firm to each of the staff at Real Madrid, but they never arrived.

Before he left Manchester City, Messi’s close friend Sergio Aguero gave watches and phones to the staff members of the English club as a parting gift before he left. This occurred before Aguero left Manchester City. Aguero’s former club, Manchester City, is the organization for which he played. Aguero completed his career with Manchester City, the same club that he started it with. Even the Argentine player who had previously retired but was still active in the professional game at the time of the event gave away an expensive car to one of the participants in the form of a lucky draw, and the person who ended up winning the car was the one who had entered the draw.