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“I’m the one who should fall” – The arch-еnemy reveɑled the conversation before mocking Mbappe

Argentina goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez recently reveɑled the content of his conversation with Mbappe after the 2022 World Cup final.

At the recent FIFA The Best 2022 awards ceremony, there was an interesting reunion between Argentina goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez and French superstar, Kylian Mbappe.

There have been some controversies between the two before, mainly related to Martinez’s rude celebration of Mbappe after the 2022 World Cup final.

However, many times this goalkeeper has affirmed that he has no bad intentions with Mbappe. Latest on TyC Sports, Emiliano Martinez also reveɑled a meaningful conversation with the French player after the World Cup final ended.

Emiliano Martinez comforts Mbappe after the 2022 World Cup match

“I told him to get up, look ahead and not sit here doing anything. Be proud of the game he just had. In fɑct, he conceded four times. I’m the one who should fall there.” Emi Martinez shared verbatim what he said to comfort Mbappe.

Even so, after entering the dressing room, Martinez even called for a minute of silence for Mbappe. And then there’s the sarcastic doll-filled celebration back home in Argentina.

Martinez once caused controversy when he held a doll with Mbappe’s picture while celebrating the championship with Argentina

Despite the controversy caused by his own actions, Emi Martnez still insists that he respects Mbappe.

“I kept the doll for about two minutes and then threw it away, that’s all. How can I mock Mbappe? He scored four goals against me, in a World Cup final. Maybe I’m his toy! I have a lot of respect for Mbappe.” said the Aston Villa keeper.

At the recent FIFA The Best award ceremony, Mbappe caught attention with his reaction when he saw Emi Martinez receive the “Best Goalkeeper” award. Specifically, when the camera pans to the position of the PSG superstar, his face is quite cold, in contrast to the joy from senior Lionel Messi sitting next to him.

FIFA changes the rules because of Martinez’s tricks
The world’s most powerful football body, FIFA, is looking to introduce a change that could prevent goalkeepers from talking or distracting penalty-takers.

Argentina won the FIFA World Cup in spectacular fashion last December, while France missed two of their four penalties, with Martinez parrying Kingsley Coman’s 11-yard shot, and his tricks distracted Aurelien Tchouameni and kicked off the post.

FIFA is now keen to avoid a repeat of that and is said to be ready to introduce a new rule. Spanish newspaper MARCA said it was looking to protect penalty-takers and prevent the goalkeeper from interacting with them before the penalty was taken.

Emi Martinez struck a psychological blow to the French players and played effectively in the penalty shootout in the 2022 World Cup final.

Interestingly, goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez was asked by ESPN about the proposed changes and he burst out laughing. Aston Villa’s keeper insists he is not bothered by successfully saving the penalty that helped Argentina win the Copa America and the FIFA World Cup.

Emiliano Martinez shared: “I always say that after the Copa America, I don’t know if I will repeat it. I saved the 11-meter penalty, it was simply my duty. And now the thing is. The same thing happened to me again and I had to save lucky penalties again, I don’t know if I can do that again.

But if I had to say, I’d say I’ll still save a penalty in 20 years, like I did in the Copa America and the World Cup. I always enjoy stopping them and helping my team win. It’s enough for me. We will always be to adapt to modern rules and what FIFA wants. So there will be no problem. We will adapt well.”

Emi Martinez’s brilliant save in extra time against France and then he made a big contribution to helping Argentina win the world cup.

Martinez talked about his tricks at the World Cup final and attributed it all to the French fans. He said: “I did it because the French booed me. But that insᴜlt didn’t work for me. We suffered a lot. We thought we had control of the game. But they came back spectacularly in the end. It was a very complicated game. It was our fate to suffer.”

Emi Martinez added: “France had one last chance to win (Kolo Muani’s late shot). Luckily I saved it with my foot. This is the moment I’ve always dreamed of. come back to life again. I have no words to describe it. I left home very early to start a business, and I dedicate this victory to my family.”