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Lionel Messi is about to cooperate with the world’s largest stream platform

Messi swam from Netflix by making… cartoons.

The рrospecт of makingms from Netflix is gradually becoming a reality for Lionel Messi after the Argentine star plans to produce cartoons.

This is an animated film that shares the anecdotes of the Argentine star from his childhood until winning the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. According to the daily Clarin, this is a collaborative project between Sony Music Entertainment Premium Content and Leo Messi Management SL, the company that exploits the image copyright of the PSG star. A very interesting detail is that Messi is pondering over the decision whether he will voice this animated film or not.

According to research, Messi was also a fan of cartoons when he was young. Therefore, the 2022 World Cup champion is very excited to start working on the project of making the animated film.

“For Messi, the upcoming animated film has a special meaning, especially after he won the World Cup 2022 – the trophy that Messi has been waiting for for a very long time. This is also the motivation and also the excitement for Messi when he is ready to participate in the production of the film, such as the voiceover,” the Clarin daily reported.

The animated movie about Messi is likely to be completed this year. And right now, the race to win the right to broadcast the movie is hotter than ever. Most notable among them is Netflix’s interest in this project.

It is not superfluous to recall that Netflix paid 10m euros to Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, for the rights to broadcast a documentary titled “Soy Georgina” (I am Georgina). Therefore, many people are curious about how much Netflix will pay Lionel Messi for his animated series after Ronaldo’s girlfriend received up to 10m euros. According to assessment from film experts, if Messi decides to release his animated series on Netflix’s streaming platforms, the PSG star can pocket 15m euros.

PSG will sign with ‘Man Utd’s nigҺтмare’ if the MMN trio leaves

In the event that it loses attacking superstars like Messi, Mbappe, or Neymar, Paris Saint-Germain must identify capable alternatives.

The Messi-Neymar-Mbappe attacking combination that Paris Saint-Germain boasts is currently Europe’s worst. This, however, has not been able to assist PSG in achieving their intended objectives. The Paris team has not been playing well lately after losing in the French Cup and the Champions League, respectively. Their sole objective right now is to win the domestic Ligue 1, which PSG has boringly dominated for many years.

The possibility of losing one of the three superstars is another issue PSG must deal with. At the conclusion of this season, Lionel Messi’s contract will expire; yet, an extension has not made much headway. Mbappe has been urged to go numerous times, and Real Madrid has always been his preferred destination. The future of the Brazilian international in Paris is questionable more than ever because Neymar is battling injuries.

PSG is coмpelled to identify deserving successors in order to stop this brain drain. The “Park of the Princes” club is particularly interested in Mohamed Salah, a striker for Liverpool, according to a source for The Mirror. The Egyptian star, a leader who has significantly aided the “Red Brigade” under coach Jurgen Klopp in their recent success, is one of the greatest players in the Premier League as well as Liverpool.

Salah and Liverpool, however, are struggling this year. The 30-year-old striker’s future at Anfield is also uncertain due to the departures of both of his attacking teammates, Mane and Firmino. In light of the fаcт that the team needs money to restock, several international sources claim that Liverpool also examines the idea of selling their mainstay if they are offered a fair price.

Given that the player’s caliber has been established, PSG is promising Mohamed Salah a high-quality deal. PSG will need to pay around the same amount of money as Liverpool, or 80 million euros, in order to get Salah’s services.