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Mbappe’s actions with Messi make fans feverish

Mbappe continuously hugged and lifted Messi after a late goal to help Paris Saint Germain (PSG) win against Lille. This action really made the fans feverish.

Yesterday (February 19), PSG won a suffocating victory with a score of 4-3 against Lille in the 24th round of Ligue 1. In which, the scoring goal of the rich French team was made by Messi in the minute . 95. The whole yard of the Park of the Princes burst into ᴜɴᴇxᴘᴇᴄᴛᴇᴅ joy.

Mbappe constantly hugs and lifts Messi (photo: Getty).

After Messi scored, PSG teammates and coaching staff ran to hug Messi. Even Mbappe was constantly hugging and lifting his teammate. The French star was also the first to run to celebrate with Messi.

Mbappe’s action with Messi really made fans feverish. Recently, there have been many rumors that the two are not compatible. Not long ago, Di Maria once said: “PSG has given so much power to Mbappe that they forget that they have the best player in football history”.

Many fans believe that Mbappe really wants to build PSG into a unity block, not intending to divide like rumors in the newspaper. Some other opinions assert that the French striker has paid respect to Messi.

According to statistics, this is the 7th match that Mbappe and Messi have scored together for PSG this season. The ғᴀᴄᴛ that the two big stars of the team shine together brings many positive signals after Neymar’s injury.

PSG are in ᴅɪʀᴇ need of a big enough push, especially after they lost 0-1 at home to Bayern Munich in the eighth round of the Champions League. In the second leg at Allianz Arena, the rich French team needs to win with a two-goal difference to win tickets to the next round. In the event that PSG only wins by a margin of one goal, the match will take place in extra time because UEFA does not apply the away goals rule.

After the victory over Lille, PSG continues to lead the Ligue 1 rankings with 57 points, 5 points more than the second ranked team Marseille.

Mbappe frankly speaks out about Neymar’s ‘unprofessional’ habits that could hɑrm PSG

The striker born in 1998 refused to criticize his Brazilian teammate’s poker hobby.

Mbappe has denied hinting that Neymar is undisciplined

“It is a reminder to everyone. I’ve seen people talk about Neymar and what happened after that. Surely this is not a sarcasm. With our current situation, we don’t need sarcasm. That’s really advice to everyone, because when we have all the players in good shape, the other teams will have problems.”

Mbappe wants his teammates to stay in the best health to prepare for the second leg.

With a recent injury, Neymar will be absent for a while. It is expected that the Brazilian player will have an MRI scan in the next 48 hours.

Mbappe has sent his best wishes to Neymar and hopes he will recover in time for the great bɑttle against Bayern on March 8.

“ I will never condemn or criticize Neymar for having to live in moderation . I hope Neymar will return soon because he is an important player for us.”

Previously, PSG lost 0-1 at home to Bayern Munich in the first leg of the 1/8 round of the Champions League. Just hours after the loss, Neymar was spotted participating in two European poker tournaments (European Poker Tour).

After leaving the casino at midnight, the Brazilian striker also went to a fast food restaurant to have a snack. This move caused the 31-year-old star to receive much criticism. The action of the player born in 1992 goes against the request of vice-captain Mbappe, who wants his teammates to be in the best shape for the second leg on the 9th. /3.

In contrast to Neymar, Mbappe posted a photo with words of encouragement to his teammates, and urged PSG’s players to stay healthy by sleeping and eating at the right time to look forward to the next matches. The media believes that Mbappe’s statements are aimed at Neymar. However, coach Galtier also denied this.

Coach Galtier said in a press conference: “What Mbappe shared on his personal page is exactly what he said in the dressing room. That shows his great maturity. But I firmly believe that there is no connection between Mbappe’s statement and a photo of Neymar in a fast food restaurant.

Neymar plays poker right after PSG’s loss

I met and talked with Neymar, I told him what I thought of that picture. Neymar has the right to play Poker on his day off. Neymar loves to play poker and has every right to do so.”

On February 19, Neymar sᴜddenly injured his right ankle. The initial magnetic resonance imaging results did not reveɑl any additional tendon tears. Over the next 48 hours, the Brazilian striker will be further examined to determine the condition of the ligaments.

Neymar suffered a serious injury and is likely to be out of action for a long time

If the ligaments are not dɑmaged, Neymar will take two to three weeks to recover. In the worst case, the player born in 1992 has to sit out for a long time and miss the second leg of the Champions League round of 16 against Bayern.

In the 24th round of Ligue 1, before leaving the field, Neymar was a prominent player. He created three chances in the first half and two of them turned into goals. Kylian Mbappe, Neymar in turn shined to help the defending champion lead Lille 2-0. However, mistakes in the defense caused the host to concede 3 goals. Mbappe and Messi shone in time to seal a struggling 4-3 victory for “Le Parisien”.