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Messi and Neymar are Mbappe’s assistants at PSG’

In the final minute of play, Lionel Messi only shone with a free kick to assist PSG defeat Lille 4-3, but Kylian Mbappe’s performance was only praised by the French publication So Foot.

On February 19, Neymar and Messi each scored a goal in the 4-3 victory over Lille. Mbappe also has a double. Since October 2022, the “MNM” trio hasn’t scored in the same game till now. The term “trio,” according to So Foot, is no longer adequate to characterize them. Mbappe played the majority of the game by himself. Messi and Neymar then developed into “two South American helpers who occasionally accompany.”

Thus, Foot said that Messi is fortunate that Mbappe is not yet a top expert in free kicks. The best player at the 2022 World Cup will thus have the chance to take a free kick to establish a 4-3 victory in the final five minutes.

The newspaper recalled that PSG’s first-half performance in the 0-1 loss to Munich on February 14 was lacking because Mbappe was sitting on the bench. The moment the French striker took the pitch to start the second half, everything changed. If VAR hadn’t intervened, the 24-year-old superstar might have scored more than two goals.

Foot also contrasted Mbappe’s performance with that of Lille’s first-leg matchup in August 2022. With a hat-trick at that point, the French star was named the game’s best player. PSG defeated this opponent 7-1. The quickest goal ever scored in Ligue 1 was scored by Mbappe in the eighth second.

So Foot continued, “Back as a starter, Kylian Mbappe powered PSG to avert a fourth straight loss. “It suffices to say that Mbappe has a significant impact everywhere because of his impressive double and variety of ball movements. He appears to radically alter the team’s strategy for the game when he is on the field. Team-mates. Mbappe is more assured, and everything appears to be in order.”

Mbappe developed outside of the field of play in addition to his on-court skills. When questioned about Neymar’s performance following the loss to Munich and the injury sustained during the victory against Lille, the 24-year-old responded: “Neymar’s need to practice moderation is never something I criticize. For now, that’s all I desire. The problem is that he is not seriously hurt. PSG requires Neymar.”

Mbappe’s indispensable position at PSG was recognised by coach Christophe Galtier as well. Following Bayern’s victory, he said: “I am at a loss for what to do until Mbappe comes on. With him, your chances of success are higher.”

With 24 games played, PSG has 57 points, five more than Marseille in second place in Ligue 1. PSG still has chances to advance farther in the Champions League. In the second leg against Bayern on March 8, if Mbappe and his teammates perform well, France can triumph handily. PSG defeated Bayern 3-2 in the quarterfinals of the 2020–21 season.

Confirmed: Lionel Messi has decided on the possibility of returning to Barca
Jorge Messi, the father of Lionel Messi, claims that Barcelona has never made an offer to sign the 35-year-old star.

The Spanish team’s supporters haven’t stopped considering the possibility of a former legend reconnecting with Barca and walking on the Nou Camp turf once again in the upcoming season despite the player’s absence from Barcelona for more than a season. career.

Even the president Juan Laporta has voiced his opinion on the рrosрect of Lionel Messi returning to Barcelona, in addition to the Cules. The future of M10 and the Princes’ Park team is being questioned in the current situation, which includes El Pulga’s contract with PSG having only six months left.

Naturally, PSG wants to keep Messi, but the Argentine superstar has declined their offer. The PSG board wants to move Neymar, who frequently causes problems in the locker room, but Messi views Neymar as a personal friend and does not want that to happen.

When there was a chance that Messi would rejoin Barcelona, the aforementioned situation caused the Cules to “open the flag in their stomach.” It is almost certainly not conceivable, as Messi’s father, Mr. Jorge Messi, has stated. Even the Barcelona team has never sent the icon, 35, an offer.

“Messi won’t be going back to Barcelona, I can say that. My son is unable to accomplish it at this time due to the circumstances. Neither Messi nor I have spoken with Juan Laporta at any point. I’ll say it again: there isn’t. What bid did Barcelona make for Messi?”

Messi’s father also declined to discuss whether or not his son will stay with PSG, saying only that “Messi is still a player on the PSG payroll at this time.”

Messi has a significant part on the PSG team this year. In 25 games across all competitions, the Argentine star has provided 15 goals and 14 assists. As a result of PSG’s defeat to Bayern Munich at Parc des Princes, Messi will have a great deal of responsibility for turning the tide for PSG in Germany.