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Messi is increasingly attached to Mbappe

The 2022 World Cup final between Mbappe and superstar Lionel Messi was incredibly Ԁraмatic and crɑzy, but now he only wants to join this talent in achieving victory for PSG, as he remarked on the PSG TV channel.

“Mbappé displayed outstanding performance. It’s absurd that he was able to score three goals in a game but still lose the championship. Mbappe had previously won the World Cup, but he also felt like a champion then. Now that we both play for the same team and are working together to get the best results for PSG, it’s wonderful “added Messi.

The Argentine superstar also acknowledged that it was quite challenging to adjust during his initial transition from Barcelona to PSG. “But, I think everything is fantastic right now. I’m enjoying myself here in Paris, with the PSG team, and my life in general. I’m also becoming better and better on the field. I began this season with a new one. having a fresh stance and lots of passion, “Messi added.

Messi is presently preparing with PSG for the Champions League round of 16 matchup against Bayern Munich from 3 am to 9 am in the hopes of avenging the 0-1 loss from the first leg and advancing to the quarterfinals.

However, with Neymar’s recent injury-related absence and rest of the season, Messi and Mbappe grew closer and more bonded during both training and games. Instead of speaking about himself, the Argentine superstar was the first to congratulate the French great on Ƅreaƙing the scoring mark at PSG (201 goals). He also established a cumulative record of 1,000 goals and 1,000 assists in 841 games (club only).

Messi has often affirmed that he and Mbappe have had a long-standing, excellent relationship. “We discussed a variety of topics, including Argentina’s World Cup celebration in 2022. There were no issues at all between us “After the news, Messi informed the Argentine press. Since the 2022 World Cup final, there have been ruмors of an argument between him and the French star.

Mbappe is the best player in the world right now
With his 201st goal, scored against Nantes, Kylian Mbappe became Paris Saint-all-time Germain’s leading scorer. When the 24-year-old player scored the goal that put the game away for his team with a 4-2 victory in extra time, he reached a significant milestone.

Mbappe needs to play only 247 more games until he sets a new record in PSG’s annals. Edinson Cavani, the player who held the previous record, took 298 matches to score 200 goals in his career.

Mbappe has been performing at a high level consistently since since he moved to PSG from AS Monaco in 2017 for an extremely hefty transfer fee. Despite his young age, Mbappe already has 12 goals to his name in World Cup history despite his success on the international stage. He is only four goals behind the record held by Miroslav Klose.

Daniel Bravo, a former player for Paris Saint-Germain, stated after seeing what Mbappe is capable of after having played for the club: “Mbappe is so smart that he knows what he needs to do to improve himself. Mbappe’s future is a мystery to us at this point.

In my opinion, he is the natural successor to the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. For the time being, in my opinion, he is the best player in the world. Mbappe works to improve the performance of his teammate. He is a pillar of support for the group.