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Messi Outranks Real Madrid legend as the Most Valuable Player Aged 34 or Older

AS posted a video showing Lionel Messi as the most important player in his age group.

According to a visual that was just released by the Spanish news site AS, Lionel Messi continues to be the most valuable player in his age group. This information was gleaned from the data presented in the graphic. The following players aged 34 or older have the highest value, and the graphic shows that Lionel Messi has the highest value of any player in his age group. This demonstrates that age is nothing more than a number, and it’s important to remember that.

Messi was the team captain and is the primary factor in the worth of Paris Saint-Germain (which is currently $53.6 million), both of which he was responsible for achieving. Robert Lewandowski, a striker for FC Barcelona, is the player who is immediately placed below him in this list. Lewandowski is placed immediately below him. His current market value is 48.2 million dollars, and he is positioned directly below him in the order of market value.

Karim Benzema, who is only a hair’s breadth behind the top two players, took third place in this competition. After that, the prices begin to decrease, and the next name on the list is Cristiano Ronaldo. After that, the costs continue to decrease. Upon his departure, the prices fell to their lowest point ever. It is believed that the player who currently holds the Ballon d’Or is worth $37.5 million, which places him in the position of having the highest market value among players.

At the time that this article was written, the values of the players who are still on the list are all far lower than Ronaldo’s, which is currently estimated to be $21.4 million. The total salaries that the players Manuel Nuer, Angel Di Maria, Ivan Perisic, and Luka Modric take home each year add up to more than ten million dollars.

Even though some of these players are getting up there in age, they may still be able to make substantial contributions both on and off the field in a variety of ways. This could be the case even though they are becoming older.

Angel Di Maria Talks About How Kylian Mbappe Is the Face of Paris Saint-Germain

Despite the presence of Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr. on the Paris Saint-Germain roster, Kylian Mbappe has emerged as the club’s primary public face. As soon as Mbappe stepped onto the field for the second half of Tuesday’s match against Bayern Munich, the capital club noticed his presence. The match was played in Germany.

Angel Di Maria, a former player for Paris Saint-Germain, pointed out the significance that Mbappe has at the club even though the 2022 FIFA World Cup champion is a member of the squad. The 24-year-old is the star player at the club.

According to a quote that Di Maria gave to ESPN Argentina, “there is no other player that has made such a tremendous difference.” “France did not have as strong of a team as they did when Karim [Benzema], Paul [Pogba], and [N’Golo] Kanté were playing for the national team. There were a lot of athletes who got hurt. They forced him to stay when he could leave, and they gave him that important burden so that he could go and nobody else could. PSG and the president gave him all of the duty.

“[PSG] gave him all of that power in order for him to have the best of the history,” Mbappé said. It is difficult to respond to something like that, but they gave him that strength because he is French, he came out of there, he won the World Cup, and he still has a whole career ahead of him.

The Spanish club Real Madrid wanted to land Mbappe as the centerpiece of their club now that Cristiano Ronaldo has moved on and Karim Benzema is getting close to the end of his career. But, the French giants were able to hold off Real Madrid in their pursuit of Mbappe.

Despite this, Mbappe has decided to play for his local team, Paris Saint-Germain, in an effort to help them win the UEFA Champions League title they have been chasing for so long. It shouldn’t be unexpected that they gave the 2018 FIFA World Cup champion the keys to the club as a result of this.