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Messi revealed his Best votes, Mbappe felt disappointed, unexpected with the No.1 position

Kylian Mbappe did not have any feelings of disappointment as he witnessed the results of his election vote to become the captain of Argentina. As a result, he was delighted to celebrate Lionel Messi’s victory in the fight for The Best award.

The audience in the gala theater in Paris erupted into shouts as soon as it was announced that Lionel Messi would be receiving the award for The Best 2022. The event was witnessed by Kylian Mbappe and the player’s father, who was also there (Best Player of the World 2022). This.

Despite the fact that he already holds the title and the fact that a lot of people are interested in learning more about it in his capacity as the captain of Argentina’s national team, Messi participated in the voting for the FIFA The Best 2022 award. The award will be given to the player who is considered to be the best player in the world in 2022. The trophy was given to the player who had the best overall performance in the most recent FIFA competition and the award was awarded to them.

Mbappe may have found it impossible to prevent himself from being depressed after learning that his elders had put Neymar at No. 1, ranked on Mbappe, and ranked Karim Benzema third. Mbappe arrived at this conclusion after observing that his senior teammates placed Karim Benzema third. As the results of Messi’s vote count were made public, it’s likely that Mbappe had a difficult time preventing himself from becoming depressed as a direct result of the information.

Mbappe is naturally more contradictory with Neymar, and the viewer has the imagination to envisage how powerful Messi, Neymar, and Mbappe can be when looking at Messi’s balloons. Mbappe is inherently more contradictory with Neymar. [More citation is required]

When it comes to Neymar, it is apparent that Messi’s vote is impacted by the close friendship that the two of them share. This is the case because the two of them share a lot in common. Because of this, he was unable to keep his brotherhood with the Brazilian striker if, for example, he chose Mbappe to be the first player on the pitch in the lineup. This was a direct effect of this. Nonetheless, the fact that Messi is involved in the action generates a tremendous degree of anxiety about the situation.

Mbappe is a wonderful player, and with eight goals, he is presently in first place in the race for scoring at the World Cup. Mbappe is currently in first place after scoring this goal because he has scored one more goal than Messi had scored at this point in the competition in 2022. The French attacker not only excels his more experienced teammates at PSG, but he also rules the competition at the club level. Not only is this impressive, but it’s also somewhat sᴜʀᴘʀɪsɪɴɢ. In addition to the fact that this is the case, he is also unrivaled on a global scale. Mbappe, on the other hand, was unable to bring the world title back to France with him. Lionel Messi and Argentina were ultimately victorious in the competition.

The player who scored the goal, who is just 24 years old, not only took part in the celebration, but he also extended his compliments to Messi on social networks. The player in question is the youngster who scored the goal. The player who scored the goal clearly has a great deal of respect for Lionel Messi, as seen by the fact that he did this. Mbappe has also expressed his excitement in the most recent images that have been taken of him together with the former captain of Barcelona. These photographs were shot recently.

After Messi’s penalty ᴋɪᴄᴋ helped Paris Saint-Germain win a nail-biting match 4-3 in extra time against Lille, this striker went berserk in celebration. The game had been close throughout regulation and extra time. After quickly giving Messi a bear embrace and helping him to his feet, he went back to give his seniors another bear hug. The success enjoyed by PSG can be attributed in great part to a goal that was scored by Messi.

In the most recent matchup between these two teams, PSG prevailed over Marseille by a score of 3-0. Messi and Mbappe each made big contributions to PSG’s triumph against Marseille. Mbappe was directly engaged in the scoring of one of the goals that were scored by the juniors, whilst Messi had a direct hand in the scoring of two of the goals that were scored by the juniors.