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Neymar practices energetically, promises to return

A broken ankle is keeping Neymar out of action. In an effort to complete his physical treatment exercises in time for the second leg of the Champions League match against Bayern Munich, the Paris Saint-Germain star has just one objective.

The injury that Neymar sustained in the match against Lille in mid-February is still being carefully treated. The star Brazilian wasn’t present for PSG’s 0-1 loss to Bayern Munich in the opening leg of the round of 16 of the Champions League.

Neymar has been putting a lot of effort into finishing recovery plans in the gym over the last several days.

He will be able to participate in the second leg at Allianz Arena if the outcome is favorable, which is a scenario that is not unlikely.

A member of the PSG medical staff, however, stated: “The ankle of Neymar is delicate. The situation won’t improve for him after receiving painkiller injections, so you can’t merely acquire them for the game.”

Prior to this, Neymar’s right ankle sprain was estimated to keep him out for a month.

The injury that caused Neymar’s right foot to distort once suгpгised the crowd.

Neymar will undoubtedly miss this weekend’s Ligue 1 match between PSG and Nantes. The Brazilian striker has been fortunate not to have a long-term ailment. Because PSG still has Messi and Mbappe in excellent form, there is still a chance he will be at Bayern next week.

PSG’s coach issues apologies to the Marseille crowd

After the incident involving the two teams in the “French Super Classic” game, Paris Saint-Germain coach Christophe Galtier expressed his regret to an Olympique Marseille supporter.

With coach Christophe Galtier, the pressure is reduced following a string of setbacks since the French Cup victory over Marseille.

Paris Saint-Germain not only paid off the loan, but also outscored its competitor by 8 points in the bаttle for the Ligue 1 championship.

In Velodrome, an uncommon occurrence occurred during the game: a “speech fιght” between coach Christophe Galtier and a home supporter.

The game is finished at this point.

Assistant coach Joao Sacramento and his colleagues sternly warned the PSG captain not to get into a physical altercation.

On the other side, male Marseille supporters are equally competitive and use offensιve language.

Now that the tension has subsided, PSG is eagerly anticipating their upcoming home game against Nantes.

Coach Galtier stated on Canal+ in reference to the earlier incident: “It is the Classic. The climаx is always where the tension builds. I do want to apologise for losing my patience though. In my circumstance. It’s bad that something like that would occur.”

PSG will undoubtedly want to defeat Nantes on Sunday night in order to build confidence ahead of their match against Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena in the middle of the following week.

Cristiano Ronaldo did not vote for Messi in FIFA The Best 2022
At the FIFA Gala held in Paris on Monday, Lionel Messi received the 2022 World Player of the Year award.

Yet, FootMercato found that Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi’s “close friend,” did not cast a vote for him.

Even though Messi and Ronaldo are close friends, they never cast votes for one another.

All of the national team’s captains are eligible to vote, but Cristiano Ronaldo has chosen not to, giving vice-captain Pepe the opportunity.

Superstar won the Golden Ball seven times.

Lionel Messi defeated Kylian Mbappe (France and PSG) and Karim Benzema to win the FIFA Player of the Year award on Monday at The Best 2022. (Real Madrid).

Messi’s seven goals, which helped Argentina win the long-awaited third world championship, impressed the voting panel, which was made up of coaches and national team captains from all over the world, as well as journalists and fans.

FootMercato said that Cristiano Ronaldo had chosen not to vote in favor of vice-captain Pepe despite the fаct that Pepe received the support of the majority of the captains of each national team.

Pepe did not vote for Messi in all three categories, which is understandable given that he was Messi’s arch-rival when he played for Barcelona and a former Real Madrid player.

Pepe chose Benzema to finish third, Modric to finish second, and Mbappe to finish first.

Messi did not support him in the election.

Even though he had the choice to vote for himself to finish in the top three, he chose to support Neymar, Mbappe, and Benzema.