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‘Synchronous’ – Messi’s three sons with similar outfits from luxury fashion houses

Messi’s three sons often wear similar outfits from luxury fashion houses.

Antonella Roccuzzo, who is married to Lionel Messi, frequently posts images of her children’s day-to-day activities on her own page on Instagram, where she has garnered millions of likes. The adorable, energizing, and generally positive moments exhibited by the boys led many people to write “melting.”

Thiago (10 years old), Mateo (7 years old), and Ciro (4 years old) at Thiago’s birthday party in early November. Thiago’s birthday was on November 1. The three youngsters regularly wear the same outfits, notably the number 10 sports jersey – Messi’s number. every time on the field. This model has also “stormed” in the fashion business around the world for a number of years, during which time it was mass-produced by well-known and popular companies to cater to the preferences of their customers.

The three brothers’ closet is filled with many examples of models from high-end fashion houses such as Dolce & Gabbana. Messi is said to have a tight relationship with Domenico Dolce, one of the two founders of the Italian fashion brand, according to Goal. Dolce was the other founder. The Argentine superstar acted as a brand ambassador for the corporation, and his wife was also a part of the advertising campaign for the organization.

Three boys in Dolce & Gabbana’s fall/winter models.

Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro stick to sporty outfits.

The three brothers cheered on their father to compete in May.

The Messi family will be present at the Ballon d’Or award ceremony in 2021. The athlete in Ole said that his wife was responsible for picking out his wardrobe. He himself did not place a significant amount of importance on the clothes, nor did he have any particular interests. Messi recognizes how fortunate he is to be able to spend time with his loved ones. “I enjoy waking up with my children and sharing breakfast with all of them. There are times when they grate on my nerves, but ultimately, I want nothing more than to see them go to school and see them off to bed. I enjoy engaging in such activities each and every day “Messi stated.

Jerome Rothen is of the opinion that Lionel Messi has not yet given his all for Paris Saint-Germain since the summer of 2021, when he left Barcelona for the French club.
According to Rothen, who spoke with RMC Sport, Lionel Messi’s play since joining PSG has been “quite regular.” “It is challenging to say the same thing about a player who has left such a significant impression on the annals of football history. Yet, alas, that is the unpleasant ᴛʀᴜᴛʜ of his performance in comparison to what the club paid for.

The PSG fan with 139 caps continued their analysis by saying, “Messi cannot exceed the standard (of a successful transaction – PV) for numerous reasons.” The most likely explanation is that he has the impression that he is being excluded. visited the city of Barcelona. Even if Messi claims that his life has gotten better since moving to Paris, this is not the case.

The future of Messi has emerged as a major talking point as of late. When his contract with the Paris capital club runs out at the end of June, the striker who wears the number 30 shirt will be able to sign with any team he wants as a free agent. According to L’Equipe, Leo is no longer considering signing an extension to his current deal with PSG at the end of the season. This year comes to a close.

Rothen is of the opinion that if one examines Messi’s demeanor and performances while he is on the field, one gets the impression that the superstar, who was born in 1987, has never been truly content while playing for PSG. “I haven’t seen Messi smile much while he’s playing, with the exception of the free ᴋɪᴄᴋ he scored against Lille. He does not have an unwavering commitment to the team. It is time for Luis Campos to come clean and say that Messi is not a factor in this matchup. too important for PSG, and the transaction ultimately did not work out for either party,” the former France international said.