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The strange agreement Cristiano Ronaldo ‘makes all his employees sign’ before working for him

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Cristiano Ronaldo has a huge entourage, including family, friends and security.

His circle is so big that they were recently occupying a total of 17 rooms at the Four Seasons hotel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia until relocating to an exclusive luxury compound.

One of Ronaldo’s bodyguards is a former MMA fighter called Goncalo Salgado, while he also beefed up his security with the additions of twins Sergio and Jorge Ramalheiro, who both served as soldiers as part of special forces unit in Afghanistan.

But with Ronaldo being extremely private about his personal life, he requires a whole lot of trust from those in his vicinity.

A few years back, Der Spiegel published a series of ‘Football Leaks’ and one of which related to a document which employees of Ronaldo’s must sign.

It’s a 70-year, non-disclosure agreement, which reads: “Nothing about Cristiano’s private life may be divulged until 70 years after the death of either the player or the last of his relatives.”

It means the clause applies to his five children – Cristiano Jr, twins Eva and Mateo, Alana Martina and Bella, as well as the mother of his first born, whose identity is still undisclosed.

Eva and Mateo were both born to surrogate mothers, while partner Georgina Rodriguez gave birth to both Alana Martina and Bella – with baby boy Angel sadly dying at birth in April last year.

Ronaldo, who is now earning an eye-watering £175 million-a-year with Al Nassr, has reportedly been struggling to hire a new employee of late

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He and other half Georgina have been looking for a personal chef to cook in the £17 million ‘forever home’ they are hoping to complete in June.

However, as per the Mail, and reports in Portugal, they’ve been unable to fill the role despite the salary being £4,500-per-month.

It’s because they are insisting the chef specialises in Portuguese food, as well as international delicacies like sushi.