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UNIQUE: Strange Human-Like Underground Creatures Were Found In India

A bizarre being with human and monkey-like features was uncovered in India causing fear among viewers. India’s News Nation reports that residents of Bawadi village in Jodhpur, Rajasthan were shocked to find the strange creature during well-digging for household water.

The strange creature was discovered by the villagers of  Bawadi while digging a well.

News Nation reports of a strange creature found in India that’s a mix of human and monkey-like features, causing panic among viewers.

Discovered during a well-digging process in Bawadi village, Jodhpur, the creature is small with human-like features, big bulging eyes, and 4-fingered hands with no thumbs. The discovery quickly spread online and sparked global discussions about its origin.

Close-up of controversial strange creatures.

Many people think that this is a new born monkey, while other netizens think that this is most likely a human body with complications from the fetus.

Up to now, there has been no official information from Indian scientists about the strange, controversial creature mentioned above.