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With the lowest score in history, Messi quarrels with PSG, wants go to the USA to play football

The performance that Messi turned in for his squad in the Champions League game against Bayern Munich resulted in only three points for his club.

In the event that the player’s contract negotiations do not result in good outcomes, this player is getting ready to hand in his notice at PSG. Despite the great expectations that were placed on Messi’s shoulders heading into the encounter for the 1/8 round of the Champions League, Messi did not deliver a performance that was up to his standards. The play of the Argentine forward had little to no impact on PSG’s overall performance as a team. As soon as Mbappe entered the game, the Paris team began to finally play to the level of its capability.

The publication L’Equipe awarded Messi and Neymar a total of three points each. This is the player on either side who has accumulated the fewest points over the course of the competition. When Paris Saint-Germain was put in a difficult position, there was a gradual decrease in hopes that El Pulga would be able to aid the club in winning the Champions League. This led to the expectation that El Pulga would not be able to help the club win the tournament. At the Allianz Arena, in order for them to advance in the competition, they will require a victory by a margin of at least two goals in order to do so.

There is also a substantial amount of uncertainty about Messi’s future at PSG. The player’s contract with the Paris squad will be terminated in June of 2023, according to the terms of the agreement. Despite this, there have been rumors circulating in the French press that say it will be difficult for PSG to keep Messi once this season has concluded.

The French newspaper Le Parisien reports that Jorge Messi, Lionel Messi’s father and agent, was unhappy with several of the terms of his son’s new contract with Paris Saint-Germain. There is a very good chance that the squad playing at the Park of the Princes will ask Lionel Messi to accept a pay cut in order for them to meet the criteria of the Financial Fair Play law.

At this time, the Argentine superstar is still receiving an unusually high income at PSG, one that has the potential to reach up to 45 million euros on an annual basis (before tax). Inter Miami, which is controlled by David Beckham and has emerged as a significant candidate in the race to recruit El Pulga as a result of the information presented here

According to the publication L’Equipe, the team Messi is currently playing for, Inter Miami, plays a very major part in choosing his future. This gossip magazine also claims that the player’s family has discussed the possibility of moving to the United States of America. Messi and his family are known to spend a significant amount of time in Miami, where they have a mansion that they own jointly.

The Daily Mail points out that if Messi moves to Inter Miami, he will not be guaranteed to earn a significant income like he did when he was playing for PSG. However, he will have a fantastic opportunity to create a brand in the United States if he makes the move. If Messi moves to Inter Miami, the Daily Mail points out, he will not be guaranteed to earn a significant income like he did when he was playing for PSG. This presents El Pulga with an excellent opportunity to make investments for the company’s long-term success.

As a matter of fact, Lionel Messi is pleased with the fact that the World Cup in 2022 will serve as the final competition of his professional career. Since he has recently retired, he is pondering his next move in terms of his career advancement and attempting to decide what this should be. It is in his best interest to work toward accomplishing this goal in the United States of America.