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Revealing Clues: Evidence of Giants Found in Ancient Civilizations’ Legends

There is a strange common point in the legends of different ancient civilizations of humanity, which is the evidence of the existence of giants.

It’s just that modern people do not completely believe in this, because according to current scientific theory, creatures on Earth cannot grow too tall due to the gravitational force of the Earth, and when a human’s height is greater than 2m, The body will experience various health problems due to the effects of gravity.

We can find clues about them in many myths of ancient civilizations: Greek, Norse, Germanic, Indian, Indo-European and stories of the New World. According to the records of the Mayans, Aztecs and Incas, giants really existed in the world, especially the extremely different forms in the frescoes of the ancient Egyptian pyramids.

As described by the BBC, more than 100 years ago, some researchers discovered a cemetery in the United States known to be a wandering place of giants. If such giants existed on Earth, how should the history of Earth civilization be verified? Once three divers found a giant knife at the bottom of the sea, it was amazing! Later, this photo of a giant knife caused a heated discussion on the Internet, and many people believed that a race of giants once existed on earth.

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Before the birth of modern humanity, humans once dominated the Earth, but these prehistoric human civilizations died in a disaster.

Archaeologists have discovered a mysterious cave in Kilimanjaro, Africa, inside the cave they have discovered 50 million year old murals, these murals tell a story that learning scientists cannot even imagine. At the end of the period of extinction of the dinosaurs there were still a small number of dinosaurs in the world, in that period prehistoric humans were born, possessing intelligence and architecture, and knowing how to use metal, they made weapons and ornaments, they even domesticated some dinosaurs. People chased and kept dinosaurs in caves.

According to murals and some fossils, these prehistoric humans had large, bulbous heads and thick limbs. During the investigations, archaeologists discovered that a “giant ” also existed with them, with a height of more than three meters and a body structure very similar to that of modern humans.

Remains of giants have been found in many places. Photo source: kenh14

They were also intelligent and maintained economic exchanges with prehistoric people, often changing some of their needs. These “humans ” arrived a thousand years after the disaster that wiped out the dinosaurs, and the disaster happened again.

Most land animals drowned at that time. As shown in the frescoes, most of the humans were swept away when the giants came to save them in a large ship. But both suffered many casualties, prospered on Mount Kilimanjaro, and when the floods receded, the tribes descended the mountain and traveled around the world. What this mural represents is surprising and ends with people coming down from the mountain.

Some experts and scholars believe that there were still a large number of giants on earth in the time of ancient Egypt. They ruled early ancient Egypt. Then, due to rapid changes in the Earth’s environment, lower temperatures and lower oxygen content, the giants finally disappeared.

Although remains of giants have been found in many places around the world, they do not receive the attention they deserve, perhaps after archaeologists find more evidence in the future, this mystery can be solved and revealed.