Scientists Identify Giant 50-Foot ‘Dead Sea’ Creature That Washed up on Indonesian Beach

by 29lab 26-05-2023

According to The Washington Post, the rotting corpse of a 50-foot-long dead sea creature washed ashore on an Indonesian beach last week, while residents grabbed images with their smartphones of the unknown corpse.

The Ocean Conservancy’s head scientist, George Leonard, told The Huffington Post that the carcass was most likely a baleen whale, given its skeleton and the existence of baleen, a filter-feeder mouth system.

According to Live Science, dead whales typically fall to the ocean’s depths, providing food for the organisms that dwell there for years.

The whale may have perished due to a bacterial infection that caused more gases, or it may have died in warm seas, allowing germs to accumulate and gases to swell its body, according to the journal.

It could potentially have died in an unnatural manner after being hit by a ship.