“Staked Man” Skeleton with Stake Driven Through the Heart Found in the Ancient City’s Ruins

by 29lab 26-05-2023

Archaeologists working in Bulgaria found a body straight out of a horror story. A steel stake had been driven through the man’s chest.

His murderers, it appears, were terrified that he would not stay buried. They pinned his body to his tomb.

He died in the 13th century, and it was brutal. His left leg was removed and thrown carelessly into his tomb. It is likely that he was still alive when it was lost.

The stake, though, fits some of the ideas that were floating around the Romani people at that time.

Vampires were thought to be real back then. A deformed appendage was a sign that someone had been resurrected by Satan and could only be stopped by driving an iron stake through their heart.

It’s believed that this man was the victim of a horrible superstition. His countrymen had convinced themselves that he was evil, and they’d put him through hell to keep him from coming back.