Strange Mummies Of Venzone: Ancient Bodies That Never Decompose Remain An Unsolved Mystery.

by 29lab 27-05-2023

Strange Mummies Of Venzone: Ancient Bodies That Never Decompose Remain An Unsolved Mystery.

The Venzone mummies are an intriguing and enigmatic phenomenon, known for their exceptional state of preservation despite the passage of centuries. The village of Venzone, located in Italy, was struck by the devastating Black Death in the 14th century, leaving a significant number of deceased individuals without proper burial grounds.

To cope with the overwhelming number of bodies, the villagers made the decision to place the 42 deceased individuals who couldn’t be buried in the village graveyard into a single coffin, which was then stored in the basement of the chapel of San Michael. When the coffin was eventually opened, it was discovered that the bodies had undergone a form of natural mummification. The villagers interpreted this as a sign of divine intervention, believing that their ancestors had been sent back to protect the village.

The mummies were treated with great reverence by the villagers, becoming a cherished part of their community. This tradition continued for centuries, with the mummies being cared for by the village elders. In 1950, American photographer Jack Birns captured images of the villagers’ daily lives alongside the mummies, which were later published in Time magazine’s Life.

The photographs of the Venzone mummies gained international attention and fascination. However, it is worth noting that traditional mummification processes involve the removal of organs and embalming treatments to prevent desiccation, which was not the case with the Venzone mummies.

Following an earthquake that struck the region in 1976, only 15 mummies remained intact. These mummies are currently housed in the Crypt of the Cemetery Chapel, where they are preserved and safeguarded for future generations to appreciate and study. The Venzone mummies continue to be a subject of intrigue and curiosity, offering a unique glimpse into the past and the historical legacy of the village.