Terrifying Two-Headed Dolphin Carcass Discovered on Turkish Beach Sparks Curiosity and Concern

by 29lab 26-05-2023

August 10, 2014

From tennis shoes to banana bunches, some strange things have been known to wash up on beaches. But one of the strangest has to be the two-headed dolphin whose carcass was recently found on a beach in Turkey, according to Turkish media reports.

A gym teacher found the remains of the conjoined baby dolphins on a beach in Dikili, near the western city of Izmir, the private Dogan news agency said, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The rare condition of having two heads is known as polycephaly, and is known to occur in humans and other animals as well. Polycephalic animals form by the same process as conjoined twins, when an embryo partially divides to form two individuals, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Turkish marine biologists plan to study the polycephalic dolphin, news agencies reported.