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The 2,600-year-old mummy has revealed the terrifying end of life, the strange things on the body and the unusual origin of the young Egyptian girl.

The autopsy after 2,600 years of rest has revealed the terrifying end of life, the strange things on the body and the unusual origin of the young Egyptian girl, the most famous mummy in Ireland.
The mummy was previously identified as that of a 20-year-old girl named Takabuti, who was the wife or mistress of an Egyptian nobleman. She was the daughter of a priest and had a mysterious young death. During the 19th century, her remains became entangled in the massive mummy trade that took place after the Napoleonic wars. Live Science said she was eventually bought from Egypt by merchant Thomas Greg, brought back to Belfast (Ireland, UK) in 1834.

The girl’s ornate coffin – Photo: ULSTER MUSEUM

The opening of the coffin in 1835 revealed the body of a young woman with carefully styled auburn hair. The coffin also brought a lot of insights into the field of Egyptology. This time, after nearly a century of being brought back to the UK, the research team, coordinated between many units such as the University of Manchester, Queen’s University in Belfast, the National Museum (UK)… decided to re-examine the body. embalmed by CT and DNA analysis techniques.

Scientists are re-examining the mummy – Photo: ULSTER MUSEUM

Dr. Robert Loynes, a retired surgeon who was part of the research team, said: “Takabuti suffered a severe wound to the back of her left upper chest wall. Based on the wound, it appears she was stabbed. back, near the shoulder, and this was almost certainly the cause of death.”

The autopsy also showed that she was killed by an ax that the Egyptian workers still used. Chances are a close relative is the perpetrator.

The mummy also exposes many anomalies: instead of having all her organs removed like traditional Egyptian mummies do, this mummy has all her organs intact and all in good condition, indicating that she was fully mummified. elaborate power.

The results of DNA analysis were even more shocking when it was revealed that the girl was of mostly European blood, different from the ancient Egyptian population. The girl also has many strange features on her body such as having more than one vertebrae than normal people, having 33 teeth instead of 32…