The Bodies of Humanoid Creatures That Stood Over 20 Feet Tall Found at “Gods Cemetery”.w

by 29lab 25-05-2023

Ten Mysterious Gigantic Skeletons Are A Must-see For Any True Skeleton Enthusiast

10: Father Vaca’s Secret

For many centuries, priests and clergymen have guarded secrets large and small. But this one might be the biggest ever revealed. Father Carlos Vaca of Ecuador had a collection hidden away of massive skeletons, giants that may have once roamed the earth.

Of course, these were mostly bone fragments, but if you put them together, you can figure out that they once belonged to the bodies of humanoid creatures that stood over 20 feet (6m) tall. They were originally found at an ancient excavation site called “Changaiminas”, located deep in the wilderness of Ecuador. And in case you were wondering, in English, that means “Gods Cemetery”

9: Gigantopithecus Blacki

This is the largest scientifically proven primate ever to exist. It was an ape cousin of early humans, and lived from about 2 million years ago to about 300,000 years ago. And we have the dental records to prove it!

Of course, dental records from that long ago are a little bit scattered, but several human-like molar teeth were of absolutely astonishing size, and were found in not one, not two, but 16 locations around southern China, Vietnam, and Thailand.

It’s true, the remains were mere teeth, but even though other skeletal evidence of these creatures are practically nonexistent, scientists have sketched out what they think Gigantopithecus really looked like.

8: Roman Gladiator

Gladiators in Ancient Rome were some of the toughest characters around. They fought to the death in arenas and pits, looking for glory and the chance at winning their freedom by entertaining the wealthy spectators.

And yet, that makes it all the more shocking when a freak of nature, a gigantic youthful skeleton, was uncovered in Rome. His bones were way larger than normal humans of the time and significantly larger than even modern-day humans.

If basketball existed 1700 years ago, I’m sure he would have played. Instead, he perished at a young age, but not before making a larger-than-life impression, standing over 7 feet (2.2m) tall and scaring his enemies with his size.

7: Moroccan Monstrosity

Yes, a Roman general discovered something astonishing in the year 81 BC, when a legend became reality. Now, desert climates are often ideal places to unearth mysterious skeletons because the dry air and high temperature keep the remains from rotting away, and so when Roman soldiers came across the Mediterranean to North Africa, they encountered remnants of a remarkably large skeleton.

The city of Tangier, Morocco, which was founded by a legendary giant named Antaeus, was hosting a detachment of soldiers, including a Roman commander who was curious about this legend.

6: Nephilim

There is no more iconic story of giants than the Nephilim, the biblical creatures that are hard to explain, and harder still to prove. They were sometimes called the offspring of angels and humans, and other times they were simply known as mysterious tribes of beings with extraordinary size and powerful strength. They have even been known as fallen angels, as the Hebrew word nephilim means, literally, ones who fell.

5: The Yeti

Gigantopithecus Blacki is a creature that scientists believe really existed. And yet, the evidence for them is scant. The Yeti, on the other hand, has not only some physical evidence but eyewitness accounts!

This mythical creature lives somewhere in the space between fact and fiction. In the Himalayas and other wild parts of Asia, this creature, also called the abominable snowman, has been part of the local culture for centuries. It likely stands about 10 feet tall (3m) but no full specimen has yet been captured to verify that for sure.

4: Lost Cities Of Giants

Finding one isolated skeleton that looks a bit larger than normal is certainly eye-opening. But finding a whole gigantic city? Jaw-dropping.

3: Gigantic Ancient Australian

In July 2015, reports surfaced regarding a 16-foot tall (5m) skeleton of a human-like creature that was unearthed near Uluru, in central Australia. Way out in the Outback, a land of untamed wilderness and mystery, it is certainly possible that unexplained mysteries pop up now and again. But this one was just about the most shocking report ever received!

2: Real-Life Bigfoot

We’ve all heard stories about the legendary creature. Sometimes it goes by the name sasquatch, sometimes bigfoot. Yet the evidence for this creature in real life is scattered throughout human history.

1: American Stone Mounds

All over the United States, the remnants of ancient burial sites from indigenous civilizations dot the landscape from California to Massachusetts. Some of the most notable ones occur in the Midwest, in states like Illinois and Missouri. But what lies inside of them?