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Their Elaborate Multi-colored Plumage Shimmers In The Sunlight, Making Their Appearance That Much More Dramatic – Meet Wilson’s Bird Of Paradise!

Not much is known about this bird breeding behavior, other than the male performing an elaborate dance for the female.

Astonishingly beautiful, with his multi-colored plumage, shimmering in the morning sun finished off with rich blue feet and curved violet tail feathers only making their appearance more dramatic.


Photo Courtesy of Serhanoksay / CC BY-SA 3.0

Wilson’s bird-of-paradise (Cicinnurus respublica), is a passerine bird species in the Paradisaeidae family. The male is a red and black bird of paradise with a yellow mantle on his neck, an almost emerald green throat, rich blue feet, and beautifully curved violet tail feathers.

The top of his head is a naked fluorescent blue, with a black double cross pattern over it.

The female is a brownish bird with a darker blue crown than her male counterpart.

Wilson’s Bird of Paradise is native to Indonesia, and distributed through the hill and lowland rainforest regions of Waigeo and Batanta Islands off West Papua.

These birds prefer to live in hilly forested areas above 300 m in altitude where they like to feed on fruit and insects.

“Wilson’s Bird of Paradise” by Doug Janson is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0. Will

Not much is known about this birds breeding behavior, other than the male performs an elaborate dance for the female. Essentially becoming a brilliant green disc, the inside of his mouth is fluorescent, making him an astonishing beacon of color.

Due to continued habitat loss, their small range, and general exploitation, Wilson’s bird-of-paradise is evaluated as a near threatened.

“Wilson’s bird-of-paradise (Diphyllodes respublica)” by Pasha Kirillov is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.