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A Giant Twisted Snake Skeleton 130 Meters Long Appeared On The Coast Of Nantes In France

“Serpent d’océan” by Huang Yong Ping is a 130 meter aluminum sea serpent skeleton sculpture in Saint Brevin near Nantes, France. Kids walk on it when the sea is back (ebb). And when the sea is up (flow), the snake looks as if it is alive and rising out of the water.

WIKI: Serpent d’océan is a monumental sculpture made of aluminum, 130 m long in total. It represents the skeleton of an immense imaginary sea serpent, whose vertebrae undulate to end in an open mouth. The work is installed at the tip of the Nez-de-Chien, in Mindin, in the territory of the commune of Saint-Brevin-les-Pins in the French département of Loire-Atlanti𝚚ue, at the limit where the Loire estuary joins the Atlantic Ocean.

It spreads out over the foreshore area: the serpent’s tail is located at the low tide limit, its head at the high tide limit. The sculpture is therefore covered and uncovered at each tide: at low tide it is possible to walk around it, but only the head and the top of the vertebrae stick out at high tide. It is intended to be gradually invaded by vegetation and marine fauna.