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A Journey into Neanderthal History: Discover the remarkable story of this impeccably preserved Neanderthal, lost to time for 130,000 years.

Altamura Man is an exceptional discovery, representing one of the most well-preserved Neanderthal skeletons ever found.

His fossilized remains remained hidden in the depths of a sinkhole near Altamura, a town in southern Italy. It’s believed that over 130,000 years ago, he met his end, likely due to starvation.

Researchers speculate that Altamura Man was likely in the prime of his adulthood, although not elderly. What’s truly remarkable is that before his demise, he had already lost two teeth, a significant detail given that our distant Neanderthal relatives used their front teeth for various tasks, almost like a ‘third hand.’

These tasks included gripping meat while cutting it and handling skins or leather during preparation. Notably, the distinctive wear on Altamura Man’s teeth provides valuable insights into his daily life and activities.

As scientists continue to study Altamura Man, we can anticipate more revelations about our ancient relatives and the world they inhabited. His story serves as a testament to the enduring curiosity of humanity and our unrelenting quest to unlock the secrets of our past.