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Disclosing the Dead’s Secrets: Examining the Most Unsettling Mummified Remains

Three Mummies from the caves in Kabayan cliffs, Province of Ifugao, Philippines.

Mummified bodies discovered in the crypt of the Church of St Stephen, Ferentillo, Umbria, Italy

Chauchilla Cemetery, human remains preserved for over 500 years, Nazca, Peru, South America

Mummy of a woman, Father Le Paige Archaeological Museum, San Pedro de Atacama, province of Antofagasta, Chile

Mummy known as Miss Chile, from San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, 500 BC

Chauchilla Family Tomb

Tollund Man mummy (200 BC)

Mummy of Ramses II

The Maiden on display in Argentina was discovered in 1999, she was approximately 15-years-old when she and two children died as human sacrifices to Gods by the Incas more than 500 years ago on the top of the Llullaillaco volcano

A mummified infant found in Italy