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Hidden Chronicles: The Byzantine Empire’s Crimean Cemetery Unearths a Surprising Secret about a Knight in the Enigmatic Tomb of a UN General.

During the archaeological excavations in Crimea, experts discovered the ecropolis of the Byzantine Empire where the tomb of the giant was found.

While collaborating with the reconstruction work on the Mithridates staircase in Kerch, archaeological excavations have also begun in the area.

This revealed up to 100 square meters of una necropolis, which had enterramients of persons who had ever visited the temple of Juan Bautista.

To date theren are 27 discovered enears, some of nears and twin enears. In addition to other elements, such as pendants or brons pulseres.

I even managed to find felt clothing from the lands. This was most useful as it allowed them to date the find.

Tomb of a giant in the ecropolis The discovery was indeed common and became even more strange when it was discovered by a burial box that exceeded 2.30 meters long. Once discovered, he found what appeared to be the giant’s skeleton.

If we take into account the standard physique of the inhabitants of the area in the past, finding the skeleton of a man who stood over two meters high is something that requires data.

The average height of the population at that time was 1.60 meters high, so there is no way to explain how the remains of this giant were buried in the area.

The remains are examined by the team’s athropologist, who hopes to give an estimate of the age of the person buried there.

The remains will have to be analyzed to discover their origin. Complicated excavation The excavation work has been slow due to the complicated terrain, which is mixed. In ancient times, trash was simply thrown on the ground.

Later, in the Middle Ages, the ecropolis was created on all the ancient remains. For this reason, archaeologists find it difficult to give an exact interpretation of the origin of everything found.

Currently, experts are in negotiations with the Diocese of Kerch-Feodosia to be able to extract the recovered remains and better examine them.

Experts have investigated the origin of the mysterious skeleton and the reason for its abnormal size. In addition to finding an explanation for its origins.

The existence of giants is common among different ancient buildings, despite the fact that traditional archeology allows these types of finds to be hidden. But discoveries like the one in Crimea are the best example that it ever existed.