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Egyptian mummies almost 3,000 years old found in Kiev ‎

The two mummies, complete with elaborately decorated stone coffins, were found in Kiev’s Pechersk Lavra.

Also known as the Monastery of the Caves, the historic Orthodox Christian monastery revealed its hidden treasures during an audit.

The mummies were discovered during an audit

One of the mummies is yet to be identified.

The 3,000-year-old mummy of a woman named Menat, a singer in the temple of Amon in Ancient Egypt was discovered inside one of the stone coffins, or sarcophagi.

Experts say the finding is unusual due to Menat’s hands being positioned in a style commonly used in male burials.

According to historians, her head was accidentally severed from her body during fre𝚚uent transportations.

A rare mummified crocodile was also discovered during the audit

A rare mummified crocodile was found during the audit

The second mummy was of a male, whose identity remains a mystery.

however, clues from his coffin suggest he was a member of Egypt’s elite, with the burial style customary of the 11th and 10th centuries BC in Thebes, the capital of ancient Egypt.

Yevhen nyschuk, minister of culture of Ukraine, said: “For Ukraine, these kinds of findings are a testament to the fact that relics of other world civilisations are stored on our territory.

“This gives the possibility for a whole school of egyptology to develop.

“The finds will be exhibited to a wide audience. Soon we’ll organise either on this complex’s territory, or in another museum, a special hall designed with all the conditions in mind to preserve these artefacts.”

The rare mummies date back 3,000 years

It is believed the mummies came to the Ukraine in the second half of the nineteenth century.

The forgotten relics were last exhibited in Kiev during the 1970s, during a time when Egyptian artefacts were used in atheist propaganda.

According to the Ukrainian Culture Ministry, the mummies were stored initially at the Church Archeological Museum, before being moved to the Museum of Atheism – which at the time was housed by Kyiv Pechersk Lavra.