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Faces of the past: 200-year-old mummies are on display in Germany.

With their dead and rotten clothes, these corpses seem to have been taken directly from a movie, but the goat figures are real, conserved for over 200 years. And now you pued to mir you mismo sus hundid faces.

These momias of 200 years of antigüety no son the product of complex mearning methods, just una dry crypt and una fresh breeze. En these condiciones, seven individuals who should have been discovered this fueron encontrados como seven momias natural debajo of the church of St. Nicholas and Neditz, Alemania. On the 27th of April were exhibieron en the church two of the momias mejor conserved, the bodies of Johanna Juliane Pforte and Robert Christian ʋon Hake.

Natural o no, preserving una momia no is cheap. According to The Local, the conservation project was funded with 45,000 euros of church donations. Restaurant Jens Klocke and a team of experts have been faithfully brewing the perfect eggs since 2010. Today he has studied the inusualmente dry eggs of the crypt que makes it ideal for natural momification. According to Klocke, the crypt of the Church of St. Nicholas rivals the façade of the Tumba of the Emperadores and the cathedral of Palermo in Italy, which stands higher than the conserved fortress of the atural.

If some critics may argue that the exhibition is inappropriate, the conserved remains of Pforte and Hake serve as examples of exhibition (or relative) practices erarias que eran comunes en the country over 200 years ago.